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One of our teachers leading class during the Summer Upward Bound Program.
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At Upward Bound, students earn credit toward graduation.
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Students take electives,
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and college prep courses.
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Many university instructors teach for Upward Bound,
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or work in the specific field.
Students graduate from our program and attend elite universities
and find success in building community.
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    Janice Dirden-Cook,
    Project Director x2854

    Janice Dirden-Cook has directed the University of San Francisco Upward Bound Trio Project since 1983. During Janice's tenure as Director, she has twice been elected President of WESTOP (Western Association of Educational Opportunity Personnel). Janice also served as a national representative to the COE (Council for Opportunity in Education).  

    Janice was raised in Los Angeles and attended UC Santa Barbara; she earned a BA in English Literature. Before moving to San Francisco, Janice was a writing instructor for UCSB's Trio Program.

tamar100     Tamar Powell, MS

    STEM Education Coordinator x2493 

    Tamar Powell was raised in Massachusetts and began her career in forensic science and biotechnology on the East Coast. Tamar has worked in various crime laboratories in New York, California, and Texas, gaining experience in forensic toxicology and forensic biology. Following a transition into molecular genetics research in the area of hereditary birth defects, Tamar was able to bring her background and experience into the classroom. As a science teacher in Houston, Texas, Tamar was the recepient of the NSTA New Science Teacher Academy Fellowship, 2012-2013.

  As a STEM Education Coordinator with USF Upward Bound Math and Science, Tamar continues to integrate STEM content and laboratory science, culminating in unique, hands-on experiences for students.

 GenieviveDelMundo      Genievive Del Mundo, MS

     Lead STEM Instructor x2494 

  Genievive Del Mundo is the USF UBMS Projects Lead STEM Instructor. She was a former community college Biology and Oceanography adjunct professor.  Genievive received her B.S. in Marine Biology, with a concentration in Coastal Intertidal and Marine Mammal Research from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She received a M.S in Zoology with a concentration in Molecular Ecology from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

 Genievive is a Minority Health International Research Training fellow.  In this role she helps to inspire women and minorities to pursue post-secondary degrees in the bio-medical fields.  She is a passionate educator and is committed to increasing the diversity of students in math and science field.



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