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From Old to New

USF Sophomore I Nursing Students on the Move at San Francisco’s Laguna Honda Hospital

Laguna Honda Moving

The sun was coming up Tuesday morning, December 7, as the Sophomore I Nursing students made their way through the front doors of the “old” Laguna Honda Hospital. A statue of Florence Nightingale graces over one of the oldest Skilled Nursing facility in the U.S.  Built in 1926, the hospital, as part of the Department of Public Health safety net, has served as home to approximately 1040 residents, mostly frail elderly, AIDS and hospice patients, and those with complex medical and psychiatric disorders. The older wards, designed by Ms. Nightingale herself, served as the setting for the (new curriculum) Sophomore I’s first clinical experience with patients this semester.   

On this day, they were to become part of the “volunteer team” of movers to the new modern buildings. The 18 participating students were from Dr. Norma Anderson and Professor Anna Grajeda’s clinical groups and were able to apply some of their newly acquired clinical skills. Nursing students, such as Rachel Hamilton, helped with the transferring of their medical charts to their new destination. Many others served as guides to lead the transporting staff to elevators and provided reassurance to the patients.  

USF students were proud to be a part of the moving process and to be one of the last clinical groups to learn at the old hospital. “It was exhilarating to participate in this historic event,” said student Malena Spar.  

The new Laguna Honda Hospital is now the most advanced Skilled Nursing Facility in the U.S. for patients and for training nurses. Incoming Sophomore I students in the spring semester of 2011 can look forward to a dynamic learning experience in the new Laguna Honda Hospital (www.lagunahonda.org).  

Written by Norma Anderson