16th Thacher Annual
The 16th Thacher Annual student art show "interMEDIA" runs through June 28 in Thacher Gallery.More Info »

Artist Recasts “Victory” in Victory Gardens


“V” is for independence from the industrial food system. “V” is for reducing the number of gas-guzzling miles needed to grow and deliver food to America’s dinner tables. “V” is for spreading urban sustainability. “V” is for the revival of victory gardens that has taken root in San Francisco, thanks in no small part to the work of Amy Franceschini, assistant professor of visual arts at the University of San Francisco.

Computer Science Enrichment Program Focuses on Female Students


As freshman Lauren Chinn begins classes at the University of San Francisco, she is already familiar with her major in computer science, thanks to a USF-sponsored program aimed at female high school students.

Two USF Gilman Scholars Voyage to Africa


Senior Claire Crowley remembers sobbing in the Johannesburg airport as she waited to depart from a summer study trip in South Africa a year ago, wondering how she would ever afford to return to the continent that had enthralled her. Now she can, as the winner of a Gilman International Scholarship.

USF Nursing Students Attend to Underserved Schools

05-28-2008Nursing Alliance

San Francisco's inner-city Catholic schools have gone without nursing and health care services for years, but graduate nursing students from the University of San Francisco's School of Nursing hope to end that drought by taking up the call to minister to those most in need.

USF Law Clinic Provides Mortgage Counseling


As many as two million households will be affected by the subprime mortgage debacle: their homes foreclosed on, their equity lost, and their credit histories tarnished, perhaps permanently. How much of that could have been averted if those mostly low-income mortgage applicants had received better counseling before signing on the dotted line?

USF Makes Strides Toward Greener Campus


The University of San Francisco is stepping up efforts to reduce its environmental impact, with initiatives to cut bottled water consumption on campus, improve recycling, and increase the amount of solar power generated by photovoltaic cells.