“Meaning” and the American Incarceration System

03-24-2015Dance in Jails

USF art and dance students recently stepped out of the recital hall and into county jail, where they put social change art theory into practice with inmates and soon found themselves breaking down cultural biases in surprising ways.

Doctoral Student is Outstanding Tech Teacher of the Year

03-13-2015Diana Neebe

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has named USF doctoral student and high school English teacher Diana Neebe ’17 its outstanding young educator of the year, for her innovative classroom use of iPads and other technology.

Business Student Rebuilds Kuwait After Gulf Oil Well Fires

03-05-2015Kuwait oil fires

When business student Dalal AlDilaimi ’16 was 3 years old, her country was transformed into a nightmarish inferno as the retreating Iraq Army set fire to hundreds of Kuwaiti oil wells in the Gulf War. The devastating environmental and human health tolls were immediate and long lasting. Two decades later, AlDilaimi is a leading entrepreneur fighting to bring her country back from the brink.

Reclaiming Culture: PBS Follows Student’s Journey to Preserve Tribal Heritage

02-17-2015Jordan Dresser

Sometimes following your calling means venturing so far outside your comfort zone that you’ll ache with homesickness.

USF Ecologist Races to Save Endangered Cypress from Extinction

02-11-2015Laos Instrument

USF’s Gretchen Coffman is leading an international rescue effort to save an endangered cypress tree on the verge of extinction. Coffman, a restoration ecologist, compares the Southeast Asia cypress to California’s majestic redwoods, and National Geographic is funding her campaign.

When Walls Speak

02-09-2015Julian Rowand

A graduate student in USF’s Human Rights Education program co-directed a short documentary on the celebrated murals in San Francisco’s Mission District and helped paint one himself.

Seeing the Personal in the Past

02-04-2015Oral history with Meals On Wheels SF senior

Next time you tune into StoryCorps on NPR, USF creative writing students may be interviewing a former hippy who moved his family to a teepee on Mt. Tamalpais after the Summer of Love, or a Jewish immigrant who survived the Nazi occupation of France, or a 97-year-old native San Franciscan who remembers when gas street lamps lit downtown.

New Exhibit Spotlights Printing Press’s Role in Changing History


USF museum studies students are set to premiere a new Thacher Gallery exhibit on Jan. 26, in a first-of-its kind show.

Healing Hanoi

01-07-2015Healing Hanoi 4Web

A USF program is helping redefine the role of nurses in vietnam, in an effort to improve a health care system that is struggling to meet basic needs. It's working.

An Education Worth Fighting For

12-08-2014Maria Poyer

Maria Poyer ’15 didn’t learn to read until she was nearly 14. She never learned phonics, and before she came to USF, she’d never written an essay. In fact, she’d spent less than four years of her life in school.

How to Turn a Class Assignment Into a Startup Company

11-19-2014College Labor

Entrepreneur Justin Ohanessian’s recipe for launching a successful business calls for two things: a simple idea and abundant determination.

Alumna is Chief Executive in the Fight Against Cancer

11-12-2014Family House

For Alexandra Morgan MNA ’00, the fight against cancer is personal. It played a pivotal role in her decision to become CEO of Family House — a San Francisco nonprofit that cares for children stricken by the disease.

Responding to Humanitarian Crisis, USF Assists Unaccompanied Minors

11-06-2014Immigrant Minors

Late last spring, a 17-year-old boy from Honduras was forced to leave his family and flee his home after his life was threatened by violent local gangs.

New Lo Schiavo Chair Meets Students at the Intersection of Politics and Faith

10-03-2014Lo Schiavo Turner

Frank Turner, S.J., a leading international advocate on issues of poverty, social deprivation, climate change, and foreign policy, has been named USF’s new Anna and Joseph Lo Schiavo Chair in Catholic Social Thought.

Imagining Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, Psychologists Find

10-01-2014Brand Thought

Corporate ad execs may want to reconsider their tactics for enticing consumers, in light of recent award-winning research conducted by a team of USF undergraduates.

Law Student’s Investigation Exonerates Wrongly Accused Community Worker

09-26-2014Sam Meadows Kamran Meyer Katie Finch

Katie Finch ’14, a participant in this spring’s Criminal and Juvenile Justice Law Clinic, recently won a case for her client thanks to her dogged investigation skills. The charges against her client were dismissed moments before the courtroom trial was about to begin, and Finch’s investigation also led to another defendant’s acquittal in a related case.

Battling AIDS: Biz Alum Joins Cause After Uganda Immersion 

09-24-2014Uganda pig

Mallory Browne ’13 could have landed a cushy corporate job after graduating as a standout USF business-marketing student. Instead, she saw a chance to make a difference and help save lives working for an international nonprofit that leads HIV/AIDS care and research in 28 countries around the world.

Race, Class, and Gender and How to Dance Them

09-17-2014Luis Reynoso

USF kicks off its fall Davies Forum with a performance and lecture by celebrated dancer and choreographer José Luis Reynoso on Sept. 18.

Who Benefits? Research Raises Questions About Fair Trade Coffee 

09-12-2014Fair trade coffee

When USF graduate researchers landed in Guatemala to investigate whether fair trade coffee was benefiting local coffee growers, they never imagined the experience would be turned into a novel about the country’s tug of war between rich and poor, its colonial past, and coffee marketers’ efforts to win international consumers’ hearts and minds.

Introducing USF’s New Sacramento Campus 

09-02-2014Sacramento Campus

USF’s new Sacramento Campus is now open, in the heart of the city’s historic business district.

USF Involvement Fair Falls Silent in Solidarity With Slain Teen

08-29-2014Involvement Fair

More than 200 USFers fell silent on Gleeson Plaza at 12:30 Thursday afternoon and some held up signs in honor of Michael Brown — the Ferguson, Mo., teen killed by police in early August. 

Latest Research: Wheelchairs Raise Employment, Reduce Begging in the Developing World

08-27-2014Wheelchair repair shop

Provide the disabled with wheelchairs and they will switch from begging on the streets to working. They will live better, more productive lives and increase their income by as much as 82 percent. Those are the conclusions Justin Grider ’14 came to after he spent two months in Ethiopia conducting graduate research that made international economists take notice.

USF Graduate Reading Specialists Fight Summer Learning Loss

08-21-2014Mo Magic summer reading program

USF’s Helen Maniates was recently named Education Partner of the Year for leading a School of Education effort to bolster the reading skills of students from under-resourced San Francisco schools.

USF Students Restore Endangered Species Habitat

08-07-2014Muir Woods

The students began by conducting environmental research on a fragile ecosystem in the Bay Area parks system. Now their research is being adopted by the national park system.

San Francisco Poet Laureate and Activist Named USF Diversity Scholar

08-05-2014janice cropped 2

If you ask celebrated poet and activist Janice Mirikitani, there’s no better classroom than the streets of San Francisco.


Flash Mobs, Food Myths, and Fantasy: USF’s 10 Coolest Classes

08-01-2014Flash mob Earth Day

Weave fishing nets, organize the community ’60s-style in Haight-Ashbury and dance through the streets of San Francisco — all for college credit.

Nursing Students Applauded for Service to San Franciscans

07-23-2014Nursing City Impact

USF’s nursing students are receiving accolades for their work providing free health care to some of the city’s poorest residents.

Translating Science Into Plain English

07-21-2014Students and snails

USF’s Sarah Capitelli has helped turn the San Francisco Exploratorium’s renowned, hands-on science into language lessons for non-English speaking students — work that’s received rave reviews.

USF Biologist Wins Prestigious National Science Grants

07-14-2014Juliet Spencer

Biology Professor Juliet Spencer has received two national grants to further her groundbreaking research with a herpes-related virus that infects 70–90 percent of the population and may play a role in the spread of breast cancer.

USF School Counseling Students Coach High Schoolers to Higher College Enrollment Levels

07-10-2014Western Addition Counseling

USF school counseling students are leading the charge to increase college enrollment among San Francisco students from low-income and immigrant families by providing free counseling in public high schools.

Meet USF's Newman Civic Fellow and Next Generation Diversity Leader

06-30-2014Taylor Heath

Taylor Heath ’15 thought about withdrawing from USF after her first semester. Today, she’s among the most connected students on campus. She leads the Black Student Union (BSU) as president, recruits USFers to join service-learning classes in her role as an advocate for community engagement (ACE) and works as a resident advisor (RA).

Hundreds Flock to USF Nursing Students’ Mobile Health Clinics

06-27-2014Central Valley nurses

In May, USF nursing students traveled to one of the poorest regions in the country and set up pop-up health clinics to treat local residents who couldn’t afford to see a physician. Children as young as 4 years old, their parents and family members, along with many of the community’s homeless lined up by the hundreds.

USF School Counseling Students Coach High Schoolers to Higher College Enrollment Levels

06-19-2014Western Addition Counseling

USF school counseling students are leading the charge to increase college enrollment among San Francisco students from low-income and immigrant families by providing free counseling in public high schools.

USF Data Analytics Rises to the Top

06-17-2014big data

USF’s graduate program in “big data” analytics ranks among the top in the nation, according to MastersInDataScience.org.

A Class for the Ages

06-09-2014Fromm Generations

There’s a class at USF that’s enrolled students as young as 18 and as old as 93, students who marched in civil rights-era protests and others who weren’t old enough to vote when Barack Obama was elected the country’s first African-American president.

Fight on all Fronts: USF Gates Millennium Scholar Puts on the Gloves for Immigrant Rights

05-28-2014Marisela Esparza

Like most USF students, Marisela Esparza’s service-learning experience started by volunteering for a cause. Unlike most, it ended with her helping to organize a strike to win higher wages for thousands of San Francisco hotel workers. What began as a class requirement became a calling.

USF Selected as ‘College of Distinction’ 

05-09-2014Colleges of Distinction

USF has earned a place on the Colleges of Distinction list of top universities for the third consecutive year, thanks to the university’s exceptional faculty, engaged teaching, successful graduates, and vibrant campus life.

Law Student Works as Extern for California Supreme Court Chief Justice

05-07-2014Alyssa Busse

Law student Alyssa Bussey ’14 has worked as an extern for California Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye since January, working on petitions for review, observing oral arguments, analyzing draft opinions, performing research assignments, and even contributing to a draft opinion.

USF Researchers Treat Drug-Resistant Bacteria

05-01-2014Antibiotics lab

Some 90,000 Americans die each year from antibiotic-resistant bacteria — such as staph and pneumonia.

USF Research Treats Drug-Resistant Viruses


Some 90,000 Americans die each year from antibiotic-resistant bacteria — such as staph and pneumonia.

Scientist Who Proved Black Holes Exist Speaks at USF

04-04-2014Penrose Milky Way

Internationally renowned mathematical physicist Sir Roger Penrose, whose work ranks alongside those of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, will speak at USF on April 7. He’ll discuss his theory that the universe is an infinite series of eons and whether new technology might allow us to reveal what happened before the Big Bang.

Student’s Life-Saving App Adopted By Hundreds of Cities 

04-02-2014Joseph Ekman

Residents and 911 operators in about 500 cities and counties across the country can now use an emergency smartphone app that was created by USF information systems student Joseph Ekman ’14 to save lives.

Student EMRs Respond to Campus Medical Calls

03-17-2014Emergency Medical Responders

A new Emergency Medical Response (EMR) service led and staffed by USF students is offering fast, front-line treatment for on-campus medical emergencies.

Chris Matthews of ‘Hardball’ at USF

03-12-2014Chris Matthews

“Hardball” political talk show host Chris Matthews will discuss faith, service, and America’s current political dysfunction with the Most Rev. Bob McElroy, auxiliary bishop for the San Francisco Archdiocese, at USF on March 18.

New Lab Bolsters Science Research

02-26-2014Fletcher Jones lab

A new half-million-dollar science laboratory is shaking up the way research is done at USF. The lab advances the university’s research in specialties like cancer, climate change, and nanotechnology by 20 years.

5 Ways to Protect Your Online Information

02-10-2014Students in computer lab

Hackers want your information, and they’re finding ever-more-diabolical ways to steal it. Luckily, USF’s Eunjin (EJ) Jung has made it her job to foil these online thieves. The assistant professor of computer science even has students build their own password-cracking software, so she can teach them how to defend against unwanted snooping.

Is Your Professor on the ‘Best Law Teachers’ List?

01-29-2014Julie Nice

USF law Professor Julie Nice is among 26 elite educators in Harvard University Press’ “What the Best Law Teachers Do,” which profiles her innovative teaching techniques.

USF Law: 2nd For ‘Quality of Life’

12-11-2013USF Law moot court

Life can be tough for a law student—a new school to get used to, overwhelming legal briefs to wade through, and titanic loans to pay off. Lucky for University of San Francisco law students their school is ranked second in the nation for ‘quality of life’.

Star Pitcher Kyle Zimmer Returns to USF

12-02-2013Kyle Zimmer back at USF

Kyle Zimmer got a $3 million dollar paycheck last year after signing with the Kansas City Royals, but that bonus came at a price: the junior had to leave the University of San Francisco before earning his degree. After being chosen fifth in the first round of the draft—the highest pick in USF baseball history—Zimmer made a promise: one day he’d finish his degree, which is why he's back on campus.

Research Shows Dramatic Benefits to International Child Sponsorship


You've seen the TV commercials asking you to sponsor a child in the developing world, but does the $3 billion spent every year to sponsor those children do any good? That's the question USF Professor Bruce Wydick asked, and the answer shocked him and other experts.