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Hello, Summer!

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Hello, Summer! Something I’ve been wanted to say all year. Also means hello to the scorching summer sun, to family and friends, and most importantly to home-cooked meals and the most delicious baked goods you could ever ask for.

A man in a coffee shop once asked me where I was from, and I answered simply with, “Hawaii.” He was mildly surprised and responded with, “Wow, it must be a vacation everyday.” I guess you could say that this is somewhat true, I’ve been packing each day to the gill, with hiking, going to the beach, spending time with my closest friends, eating my fill of strawberry shave ice with ice cream on the bottom + acai bowls topped with granola and honey, my favorites, along with the little, petty things such as summer school at the University of Hawaii and work.

You wouldn’t believe what today is, it’s the 4th of July, one of my favorite holidays! This means BBQ at my best friends house + watching fireworks on the Naval Base, already the 5th year in a row and counting; we’re making it a tradition. Cheers to a wonderful 4th of July, I’m sure I’ll be stuffing myself with 20 different pies and 10 different types of ice cream. Thank you, America. –Xoxo K


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Hi, my name is Kayla Ching and I'm currently a freshman at USF. I began my first semester majoring in biology, but in the process of taking some core classes, I've decided to make what some would call a huge jump and changed my major to architecture, which has so far been a better fit for me.

I really do love the big city; I've been exposed and "cultured" to the very many things that San Francisco has to offer, but Kaimuki, Hawaii has always been my home. In my spare time, I love hiking, going to beach, basically anything outdoors, drawing, painting, reading, listening to music, traveling to new places, trying new foods, experiencing new things, and just being spontaneous!

Stress and No Sleep = Architect / Community Design Major

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I have been up for the past 40 hours living off coffee with extra shots of espresso and skittles along with 20 other of my classmates pulling all-nighters in the studio. It’s not even to the point where this is procrastination; I have put in at least 50+ hours on this project over my non-existent spring break and am trying to put in the final details in my drawings and my model. But I know that I will be satisfied and all of the hard work will be worth it.

An Architect understands form and space, how space is created, and how people use that particular space. For the past month, I have been working on a precedent study for my Architecture 2 studio class, for which I was assigned the Heidi Weber Museum designed by Le Corbusier. Today was the final review for this project, being critiqued by three of the professors. The final presentation consisted of a large model, a section drawing, plans, an exploded parti, and diagrams. By studying this, I was able to learn more about the process of designing and constructing, familiarizing myself with model-making materials, improving my craftsmanship, and most importantly learning why this building and other famous buildings researched by my classmates work and what makes them so successful. I now have a greater appreciation for form and space; they should be held in much greater esteem.

And now, I can finally Sleep.