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Christmas in Boardshorts

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 Winter break was amazing! It was so great being back home in Hawaii. 5 weeks in the sun. All I did was eat, beach, family, friends and sleep. No agenda. Just straight up relaxation. After a long semester, that is all I needed. Time to myself and that is exactly what I got out of winter break. 

Down time brought upon family bonding time. Something that was way over due being an ocean apart from them. I’ve missed them a lot and it was great spending the winter holidays with them. I’ve missed my friends a lot. It was good going to the beach all day with some of them and getting our tans that we lost on the mainland. Other than that, I would have to say that winter break went exactly how I wanted it to. 

The Final Battle

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Finals are finally over. Time to relax and enjoy the rest of my time in San Francisco before I go back home to Hawaii. Going back to finals, that was so stressful. Had 3 finals 3 days in a row and it would be on the last 3 days. I got my grade for my accounting final already and I got a 98%. That time in the library and studying to 2 in the morning really paid off. That hard work of non-stop studying did not go to waste. I just hope my astronomy and statistics final have the same results. Finals week is just never the best. Cramming a whole semester worth of material into my brain last minute is just painful. I don’t recommend it at all. Note to self, learn the material as the semester goes by. Don’t wait till the last minute to learn everything in less than a week. But forget finals already. It’s done. I am currently kicking back at my friend’s house sitting down on the couch watching Netflix and drinking coffee. This is just perfect after a week of finals.

Home away from Home

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Thanksgiving is here. After such a nerve racking week of midterms and work it is finally nice to get a few days off to enjoy this holiday. I won’t be going back home to Hawaii but my friend has invited me down to his place in Southern California. How we are getting there is by means of a car jam packed with 6 of us and all of our stuff. 

It may be crowded in the car but it will be a fun road trip down. We have to stop off at Santa Barbra first to drop off one of our friends at home then we will be heading to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving. This will be my second time down there and I am excited. If I can’t go home, it’s great to know that I have friends that are willing to adopt me for the holidays.

Let the Fun Begin

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Stress, stress and more stress! Midterms are coming up and I have 3 in one week. Statistics, Accounting and Astronomy. One after another with very minimum time to study everything I need to know. I’m getting ready for a very long week. Homework, papers, and a lot of studying all piling on top of each other.

 I also forgot to mention, I have work at the Admission office as well. I know what needs to be done, time management. I have to make sure I get enough time for everything I need to get done. There will be no fooling around and slacking off for the next week. I have to stay focused and keep my head sane. Good luck to me and good luck to everyone who has midterms coming up!

Back to the Bay

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The weather is exactly how I like it. Nippy but not too cold. I have made my way across the Pacific Ocean back into the Bay. It’s a new year. It’s a new start to get things back on task. Moving back to the USF dorm as a sophomore is not as hectic as freshman year where a line of confused and nervous individuals wait in line to get their ID cards just to walk into the building. This year, easy as can be. This year I am living in Lone Mountain dorms on the 2nd floor. I have notice a complete change in atmosphere compared to last year. This year, it is a lot more quiet up in LoMo. Living on the 2nd floor of LoMo is completely different from everywhere else. 

This floor is known as the “spaceship room” which means, my bed is in the ceiling. Instead of having a bunk or a bed that you can jump onto, there is a ladder set into the ground where I have to climb to get into bed. It’s fun and a lot different. I hope this new change will do me well this year. I know what is expected from me from the beginning. There will be no slacking from me at all. I will go ahead into this year with my beset intentions on doing excellent.

Hello from Erik!

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My name is Erik Pang and I am currently a freshman of the class of 2014 here at University of San Francisco. My hometown is Mililani, Hawaii and I came to San Francisco, California because I wanted to experience something completely different from a small island. I enjoy the city life a lot, going downtown to explore the fascinating city that San Francisco has to offer.

I came into USF as a psychology major but decided after my first semester that that wasn't the right path for my future. I switched to the undecided business major and I am currently taking business classes looking for the right specific business major I would want to pursue. This search for the right major is difficult but the classes that I am taking right now are really helping me figure out the right move I should make.

Back from Break

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The ring of my alarm woke me up at 10am this morning to the view of the sun rising over the staggered houses in my back window. Tuesday back from spring break, time to get back in the groove of things. My first class, Macroeconomics went by with a breeze. One class down, one more to go. I quickly made my way back to my room for a quick power nap. An hour and a half nap was an excellent way to start off my second class. Again my alarm goes off, time for my freshman seminar class: Western Literature. I take my journey up to Lone Mountain through the cold crispy air. When I got to class, I sat in the front row with my friend and we talk about how are break was.

In Astonishment, this 1:45 minute class has been cut an hour early by my professor who felt that the class had an excellent discussion and deserved a break! I then made my way down to Koret Gym to get in my daily workout. Spring Break has really made me feel sluggish and that workout session really made me feel completely different. I then trekked my way back up to Lone mountain for work at the Admission Office. It was pretty busy, answering over 50 phone calls from prospective students. Overall this Tuesday back from Spring Break was pretty busy but it went by quick and easy. I hope tomorrow will be just like today.