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Site Perimeter Air Monitoring Explanation

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In compliance with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) requirements, the CSI site perimeter has been monitored on a daily basis for each work shift since the demolition/earthwork began.   The air monitors are gathering real time data for PM-10 dust (10 micrometer dust particulates) and collecting Asbestos air samples (TEM Method for Asbestos Structures greater than 0.5 micron).  USF, has contracted with an independent Industrial Hygiene firm to perform the perimeter air monitoring on a daily basis in compliance with the Federal, State and Local requirements. Results for TEM and PM-10 samples are received by the University generally 24-36 hours after the samples are taken from the job site. 

This information supplements the Daily Site Perimeter Air Monitoring findings reported .  The purpose of the perimeter air monitoring systems is to determine if the mitigation measures are performing as designed.  It is determined that the perimeter air monitoring system is performing in exactly the manner in which was intended.  To the extent the air monitoring system has disclosed results that exceed the prescribed action level, the following cause and results have been determined.  The elevated readings referred herein refer to TEM only and not PM-10 results.

June 28

July 6

July 12

July 14

July 15

Elevated readings at all monitors except #6

Elevated readings at all monitors except #1 & #4

Elevated reading only at monitor #1

Elevated reading at all monitors except #6

Elevated levels at monitors #5 & #6

Over 1” of rain

Very foggy & windy

Very foggy/light rain

Very windy

Very windy

Dig/Off Haul SW corner

Light activity due to archaeology outside of serpentine zone

Empty trucks entering site from other sites

AVAR drilling at south side

AVAR drilling at south side

Elevated readings at many other SF locations due to weather



Activity very close to existing monitor location

Activity very close to existing monitor location




Activity sprays process water into vicinity inside site

Activity sprays process water into vicinity inside site

 At this time BAAQMD has not prescribed alternative action or required cessation of operations.  To the extent that results exceed the prescribed action levels on June 28 and July 6 they are due to ambient weather conditions and not operations.  To the extent additional mitigation is warranted during excavation activities, they will be implemented by the project.  With respect to the results reported for the July 12 this was likely caused by a contaminated truck entering the site.  As in the past, truck tires and under carriage are wetted down at the site to mitigate airborne particulate matter.

Results reported for July 14 and 15 are attributed to tieback drilling operations on the south side, extreme winds and inappropriate monitor location(s) too close to the work operation.  For the limited additional operations of the same or similar to this work, the operation will be modified and additionally controlled to eliminate elevated reading levels.





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