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Construction Update May 27, 2011

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Construction is in full swing for the CSI building and the Plaza Relocation project.  In the area in front of the library, the Plaza Relocation, the fences are up and demo of the sod and campus walk is complete and grading will begin today.  The work in the UC parking lot for the cistern is continuing, the replacement of the asphalt is scheduled for the week of June 6th.  The demo of the existing Harney Plaza is scheduled to begin the week of June 6, starting with the demo of the concrete in the plaza and the stairs in between the UC and Harney.  Work will be fairly quiet today as it is a day off for the carpenters union.  No work will be performed over the three day weekend.  Trucking for the week of May 31st will be about 12 trucks per day.  Once the demo of Harney plaza begins the numbers of trucks per day will increase significantly.


Summer Construction Start, Monday, May 23, 2011

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It will be very busy with construction starting Monday, May 23rd.  

Harney Plaza
The Contractor will begin fencing off the site and will be moving in equipment on Monday.  The demo of the concrete in the plaza will begin on Tuesday, this will be very noisy work.  This will start the process of the mass excavation to occur in the plaza over the summer.

New Plaza Relocation
As the Harney plaza will be off line for the next two years the University will be recreating event space on the lawn in front of Gleeson Library.  This work will begin on Monday with the installation of the chain link fence.  The fire lane that runs from the northwest edge of Kalmanovitz to the Fromm building will be closed off.  This work will be completed during the summer, but there will be alternate pedestrian paths during this work.  This work involves the removal of part of the lawn and the installation of pavers, additional lighting and other site improvements.  

Power Outage Memorial Day Weekend-Details

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Power to main campus (including Koret Health & Recreation Center, Law School and S.I Church) will be out from Sunday May 29th at 2pm until Monday, May 30th at 2pm.  This power outage is mandatory in order to make the connection for the new power for the CSI construction and future building.  During the outage all exterior doors will be in the locked positions and will not allow One Card access.  In addition elevators will be out in all buildings, there will not be emergency lighting in hallways and stairwells and there will be no internet service. We are asking people to not come to main campus for that 24 hr period.  This power outage will not affect Lone Mountain, Loyola Village, Rossi Wing, Loyola House, Underhill, School of Education or 281 Masonic.




Construction Update May 11, 2011

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The digging for the cistern began this week and will continue throughout next week.  This work includes the offhaul of dirt on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (May 16-18) and will entail 25-30 trucks per day.  The cistern is anticipated to be delivered on Monday, May 16th, the cistern may be stored temporarily on the west side of Harney in the lawn.  This will involve bringing the cistern through the campus using the fire lane between 8am and 4:30pm.

 The hygienist was on site as of Monday and will remain on site throughout the project administering the site air monitoring. 

 A continued reminder that the power on main campus will be out from 2pm on Sunday May 29th through 2pm on Monday May 30th.  This means elevators will not be working, there will be no internet access and all exterior doors will be in the locked position.  We ask that everyone enjoy their Memorial Day weekend and not come to lower campus that day.  This power outage will not affect Lone Mountain, Rossi, Loyola House, Loyola Village, 281 Masonic or School of Education buildings.


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