The University of San Francisco: Parent Relations

Assist Your Students Transition To College

Student Life has put together seven helpful steps for family members to assist their student’s transition to college.
7. Enrollment:
Talk to your student about meeting the May 1, 2011 deadline for enrolling at USF.

6. WebTrack: Ask your student about his/her experience with WebTrack and what questions s/he may have for his/her advisor. Be sure not to help too much with this process!

5. Financial Aid: Work with your student to accept or decline his/her financial aid package. Students can access this through their USFconnect account. Remember this is something students need to do every year.

4. Housing: Speak to your student about his/her housing selection. Encourage your student to be open and flexible about roommate assignments yet aware of potential concerns and issues. Review what they can and cannot bring to campus.

3. Orientation: Make arrangements for New Student Orientation, scheduled for Saturday, August 20- Monday, August 22, 2011. Family events are August 20th and 21st.

2. Health & Wellness:
• Review your student’s health records with him/her. Each student needs to show proof of immunizations. Read more.
• Work with your student to select the USF-sponsored student health insurance plan or waive the requirement if s/he has comparable coverage. Read more.
• As your student is completing USF’s online module, MyStudentBody, start a dialogue about alcohol and drug consumption. What are your student’s expectations and concerns, as well as yours, related to this issue?

1. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate: Come up with a communication plan. How will you communicate about grades, finances, transitional or personal issues?