The University of San Francisco: Online Education

Financial Aid Checklist

 Respond promptly to your Financial Aid Offer

Respond promptly to the financial aid offer you receive by logging in to the Financial Aid Award section of your myUSF Student Self Service account and indicate your decision to accept or decline the aid offered to you. Additional information regarding the types of funds that have been offered to you is available in myUSF Student Self Service, in the "Financial Aid Awards" section.

Be sure your FAFSA information is complete, correct, and verified.

The award offer you have received is based on the information made available to us  for the current academic year on the most recent FAFSA transaction we received at the time that we made the award offer. Please note that subsequent changes or corrections to your FAFSA information through tax verification or other updates can result in adjustments to your financial aid eligibility and your USF Financial Aid offer. If revisions to your award offer become necessary, you will be notified through myUSF email to view your revised award offer on line through myUSF Student Self Service.

Submit Requested Documents for Financial Aid to be credited towards your bill

Respond promptly to all requests for information or correction from the Federal processor on your Student Aid Report (SAR) and/or from the University of San Francisco. Requirements that may be needed by the Financial Aid office can be viewed in the Financial Aid Status section of your myUSF account (example: Proof of Citizenship, Tax Verification worksheet and completion of on line IRS Data Retrieval Process on FAFSA or submission of IRS Tax Transcripts). No financial aid can be confirmed, credited towards your charges, or paid to your student account unless all requested information and documentation has been provided.

Complete Master Promissory Notes for Federal loans

If you accept an offered student loan (Unsubsidized, Grad PLUS) you must follow the instructions in the Financial Aid Status section of myUSF Student Self Service to complete and submit one time on line Master Promissory Notes before any loan funds can be disbursed to your USF student account.

Complete on line Loan Entrance Counseling for Federal Direct Loans

If you accept a Federal Direct student loan, you will need to complete a one-time Loan Entrance Counseling workshop. You must follow the instructions for completing the workshop in the Financial Aid Status section of myUSF Student Self Service before any loan funds can be disbursed to your USF student account.

Estimate your Tuition Charges

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that their accepted financial aid award is sufficient to pay for all USF charges in a given semester. For Online Degree students, usually the only charge on your bill is for tuition. Keep in mind that books and supplies will not be charged to your bill, but if you cannot pay for them out of pocket, make sure that your financial aid award is sufficient to cover books and supplies in addition to tuition charges. If your accepted financial aid award is not enough to cover all educational expenses, you may need to reallocate loan funds from another semester or borrow additional funds. If you are taking more units in the current or upcoming semester than in others, you may want to reallocate some of your loan funds from another semester with a lighter course load to cover the additional cost. To do so, email from your email address to make the request. Make sure to specify the appropriate semesters and numerical dollar amount of your reallocation in your email.

If you are open to additional borrowing, you can apply for a Graduate PLUS or Private Student Loan. For Grad PLUS, please complete and submit the GraduatePLUS Loan Application and Grad Change forms, published together on our website. For Private Loans, feel free to view our Private Loan Option List, which includes lenders that USF has worked with in the past five years, to supplement your loan research.

Regularly view your myUSF email account

The Financial Aid office, as well as many other USF offices, will send important communications to your myUSF email account. As soon as you are able, begin reviewing those emails on a regular basis so you do not miss important communications.

Contact the Financial Aid Office

At any time during the process, you are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions and/or concerns. You may reach us at (415) 422-4531, or by email at

Reapply for Financial Aid beginning January 1st each year

You must reapply for financial aid, preferably in January, before the start of each academic year. All of the University, Federal, and State aid offered must be applied for each year by filing the new year FAFSA starting after January 1st.