The University of San Francisco: Online Education

Financial Aid FAQs for Online Degree Programs

Will my accepted Financial Aid be credited towards my charges on my bill before it is paid to my student account?

Financial Aid that has been accepted will be credited to your bill only when all necessary requirements for those funds have been completed. We recommend that all students regularly review their “Unsatisfied Student Requirements” in the "Financial Aid Status" section of their myUSF Student Self Service account to ensure that their financial aid will be properly credited towards charges and paid to their student account. 

My Financial Aid Award Offer says that I have unmet eligibility. Is that what I will owe USF?

No. Compare your accepted financial aid to your tuition (tuition = anticipated yearly units multiplied by per unit rate or use your fixed cohort rate, if applicable). If your aid is less than the tuition, then the difference is the amount you owe. 

Is my Financial Aid Offer also a bill? If not, when will I receive a bill from USF?

No, the Financial Aid Offer is NOT a bill and does not indicate actual charges owed. You will not receive a bill until after you are registered for classes. Once you are registered for classes, tuition is due. You will not receive a paper bill. The billing statement will be sent to your myUSF email account. USF students can create Authorized Payer profiles (usernames and passwords) through Ebill & Epay in myUSF, which allows parents, spouses, and others to receive bill notifications, view bills and make payments online. 

When is my financial aid going to be paid to my account?

After the first week of each semester, and once you have met all the requirements for disbursement, your aid will be paid to your USF Student account. Requirements include returning your award notice, completing verification, enrolling for the number of units you anticipated when you applied for aid and completing the Loan Entrance Counseling workshop. In addition, any specific information or documentation requested from you must be provided before disbursement can take place.

I'm expecting to receive a refund from my financial aid. How will I receive these funds?

Credit balances created by federal student aid are refunded by check unless a student’s Direct Deposit information is provided on the completed Direct Deposit Authorization Form which is submitted by the student to Student Accounts. In general, your refund will be available within 14 days of disbursement of financial aid into your student account. 

When do I apply for financial aid for the next academic year?

If you will be enrolled in Fall 2014, Spring 2015, and/or Summer 2015, beginning January 1, 2014 you may complete a 2014/2015 renewal FAFSA at to be considered for financial aid for the 2014/2015 academic year. 

Additional questions?

Contact the Financial Aid Office at (415) 422-4531 or email