USF Calendar Email FAQs

The Office of E-Communications is changing the standards for emails that promote USF events to students, faculty and staff.

Starting August 17 2014, we will send semi-weekly USF Calendar emails to students, faculty and staff that contain listings of featured events, school/college-specific events, and events specifically intended for students or faculty/staff, respectively. To be listed in these USF Calendar emails, your event must be published to the USF Calendar with a description.

What is the reason for this change?

The January 2014 internal communications survey responses led to this change:

  • 88% of students and 37% of faculty/staff feel that they are getting too many USF emails
  • 66% and 56%, respectively, would prefer to get a few regular e-newsletters instead of many individual emails.

But who will pay attention to my event?

Initial testing has showed a higher average open rate (42%) for USF Calendar emails compared to one-off event invitation emails (34%). The open rate is likely to remain high as the number of event-related emails from USF decrease.

What about non-event related emails?

It will still be possible to draft non-event related emails (scholarship opportunities, employee information, office closures, awards, etc.) for review and send-off through iModules.

Can I still send e-newsletters?

We encourage that departments/offices aggregate their information in e-newsletters. This was indicated as preferable by the results of the internal communications survey. We can help you create an e-newsletter template and implement best practice for content.

What about emails to alumni, donors, parents, and other external audiences?

We will continue to send individual event invitation emails to Alumni, donors, parents, and other external audiences. These email requests must come from, or be coordinated with, Alumni Engagement or Special Events (Alumni), Development (Donors), or Parent Relations (Parents). We will also send event invitation emails to other external audiences, as long as the request includes the external email list.

Do email admins need additional training?

If you currently draft event invitations for email outreach, you should get trained in the USF Calendar to be able to approve events for the calendar and add descriptions and tags to event items. You can register for upcoming USF Calendar trainings here:

Further questions? Please contact your marketing manager or