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LWC Peer Tutor job application


Students interested in tutoring at USF must demonstrate academic excellence in their discipline and be able to serve as academic role models for their peers.

Attention: By completing this application you are granting permission to the Learning & Writing Center staff to view your academic transcript.  Applicants should also submit a resume and statement of interest to Kim Rutledge at  Prospective tutors will also be asked to have a reference submitted by a former USF professor after being interviewed.  

Please be advised that all tutors will be required to attend paid training sessions. At this time, we are not seeking tutors for writing. Thank you for your interest in USF's Learning Center.

 Academic Year Information
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Tutoring Information
* Please list the academic areas and courses that you would like to tutor (list professor's name and grade received). Please be aware that a grade of A- or better and a recommendation letter is necessary for each course that you choose to tutor.   


*What relevant experience have you had in the area of tutoring?


* Please list at least two on-campus references (you may enter professors and students you have tutored or studied with)


 * Why will you make an effective tutor?
 * What else would you like to say about yourself?