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Section A: Demographics


* First Name:


* Last Name:
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USF Major:
* Class Year:
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* Are you a new or returning tutor?:
If returning, what site?:
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Are you bilingual?:
If yes, what language(s)
* Do you have work study?
If yes, award amount:
*Are you currently employed at USF?:
If yes, which department?
Are you a Foreword Summer Bridge Student?
Do you have experience in working with children?
 If yes, please explain.

Please list any personal characteristics, attributes,
 or abilities you feel may be of value  to America
 Reads and in helping children learn to read.

How did you hear about America Reads?   
Section B: Previous Work Experience
Please feel free to email a current resume to instead
 of filling out this section. If you are a returning tutor, you may also skip this section.
Otherwise, please provide the following information:
Employer 1
Job Title
Employer Phone
Dates of Employment
Job Description

Employer 2
Job Title
Employer Phone
Dates of Employment   
Job Description

  *I verify that all the information I have listed on my application is current
 and accurate. I understand it that there are a limited number of positions
 available and applicants will be chosen on a competitive basis.
 Additionally, I understand that I must attend  a mandatory orientation
 meeting to be considered a candidate for this position.  I understand
 that I must also undergo fingerprinting and a have a negative TB test
 in order to work with children in the San Francisco Unified
 School District (SFUSD).

Please Note: All students regardless of major or work experience are encouraged to apply.