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The GRC is housed at Pedro Arrupe Hall and is open to second-year students.
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Leadership Positions

Elections for the 2013/2014 GRC Executive Board will take place during the Spring 2013 semester. Below is a description of the general responsibilities of the various positionsa. President shall:
    i. Assume primary responsibility for the general oversight of the GRC.
    ii. Lead discussions during General Meetings in consultation with the GRC Advisor(s).
    iii. Provide meeting agendas via email to all GRC members at least 24 hours in advance of General Meetings.
    iv. Work with all members to assist them in performing their duties and ensure that delegated responsibilities are performed.

b. Vice President shall:
    i. Oversee procedures to replace vacant GRC positions.
    ii. Attend all Residence Hall Association (RHA) General Meetings and Culturally Focused Club Council (CFCC) meetings.
    iii. Meet with RHA President once per semester.

c. Treasurer shall:
    i. Assume general responsibility for the financial matters of GRC.
    ii. Maintain accurate records of the activities, account transactions and balance.
    iii. Work closely with the Advisor(s) regarding the budgeting of GRC funds.
    iv. Provide bi-weekly budget updates at GRC General Meetings.

d. Secretary / Historian shall:
    i. Record and distribute General Meeting minutes and distribute minutes to members within 24 hours after meeting adjournments.
    ii. Take attendance at General Meetings, report attendance problems to the President, and keep an updated roster and contact list of GRC members.
    iii. Provide regular updates to GRC members regarding upcoming events.
    iv. Maintain records for all programs, including planners, assessments, photographs, and fliers.
    v. Compile a semesterly report of all GRC activities.
    vi. Collaborate with the Media Coordinator to update online accounts.

e. Media Coordinator shall:
    i. Oversee the GRC online presence, including the management of the Facebook and Orgsync accounts.
    ii. Collaborate with the Graphic Designer and Media Coordinator to publicize GRC activities online.

f. Graphic Designer shall:
    i. Collaborate with the Marketing Advisor and Media Coordinator to create and distribute visual advertisements for programs, both physically and electronically.