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The GRC is housed at Pedro Arrupe Hall and is open to second-year students.
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Community Projects and Events

The Global Residential Community offers numerous activities and programs in Pedro Arrupe Residence Hall, at USF, and in San Francisco throughout the academic year. Programs are developed largely from student interests and feedback. Programming with GRC includes USF-based opportunities, service in San Francisco, and internationally-themed experiences.

GRC Pedro Arrupe Programs

Previous residential members participated in dynamic programs such as a guided tour of the Asian Art Museum, a guest lecture by representatives of the Coast Miwok Tribe, off-site retreats, international film screenings, and more. Events are offered throughout the month. Student member involvement in the creation and implementation of events is expected.

General programs for the community may include:

  • Community dinners
  • “Geography Series” presentations by USF students of various nationalities
  • USF & SF theatre and music performances
  • International film nights
  • International cooking lessons 
  • Guest speakers 
  • Excursions to cultural festivals, museums, and sporting events

GRC Community Service

GRC is fortunate to have a Resident Minister (RM) who works with our community to identify opportunities to engage in community service. On-going and one-time experiences are provided to connect our students with the local community. While service is not a requirement of living in GRC, we believe that we come closer to fulfilling the USF mission to be “men and women for others” as well as Mahatma Ghandi’s call to “be the change you wish to see in this world” through service to others.

The RM also provides valuable spiritual guidance and support to our students. In GRC we fully embrace the USF core value: We “welcome persons of all faiths or no religious beliefs as fully contributing partners to the University”.

GRC Immersion Experience

Recognizing that many of our community members are currently studying abroad in the United States, all community members of GRC are encouraged to participate in study abroad opportunities. 

For 2013/2014 we encourage your participation in sponsored programs by the Center for Global Education’s study abroad office and/or University Ministry via its social justice outreach.