Lone Mountain 150
Erasmus is housed at Lone Mountain Residence Hall and is open to second-year students.
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Apply for Erasmus Community

Rising second and third year students may apply for Erasmus.

The application is only offered online and all fields must be complete in order to be considered. Be sure to review your responses and complete your application by pressing SUBMIT.

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1. Why are you interested in joining a program focused on social justice and the exploitation of people?* (limit to 100 words/600 characters)
2. What would you bring to the Erasmus community? Why are you a good candidate for this program?* (limit to 100 words/600 characters)
3. How do you see your participation in Erasmus enhancing your USF experience and your post USF career choices?* (limit to 100 words/600 characters)




Mike Duffy
Co-director 2014-15

Starting 2015-16

Lois Lorentzen
Co-director 2015-16

Michael Rozendal
Co-director 2015-16