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Childcare Subsidy

To help meet the cost of pre-first grade childcare, USF offers a generous subsidy for full-time faculty and staff. The program provides employees the flexibility to choose a childcare provider at a location that suits their family’s needs and a subsidy amount to contribute to the cost of that childcare. 

Subsidy Details

  • Faculty and staff must be employed full-time to be eligible for the subsidy. Subsidy levels are determined based on faculty rank or staff salary. Employees receive the full subsidy amount for their rank or salary level for their first eligible child and an additional 75% of their initial amount for subsequent eligible children, up to a maximum of $5,000 per year.
  • Funds are added to employees’ Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) through the FSA vendor. Total Childcare Subsidy and Dependent Care FSA contributions may not exceed $5,000 per family during 2015. Reimbursement requests must meet the IRS criteria for qualified dependent care expenses.
  • Employees are eligible for the Childcare Subsidy the first of the month following their date of hire.
  • If both parents work at USF, only one parent can apply for the Childcare Subsidy.
  • If a child enters first grade in the fall of the upcoming year, employees are only eligible for eight months of the Childcare Subsidy (January through August).

2015 Childcare Subsidy Rates

Monthly Subsidy        
Faculty and Librarians               
Instructors, Assistant Professors and Assistant Librarians $405/month
Associate Professors and Associate Librarians $365/month
Professors and Librarians $324/month
Staff (Administrative, OPE, Laborers & Gardeners/Local 1877, Stationary Engineers/Local 39, Public Safety)
Annual Salary $90,192 or less $405/month
Annual Salary $90,193 to $111,636 $365/month
Annual Salary $111,637 to $143,535 $324/month 

Eligibility and Application Process

Employees are eligible to apply for the Childcare Subsidy the first of the month following their date of hire. Apply now »

Employees are also eligible to apply for the Childcare Subsidy within the first 30 days following a qualifying event, including childbirth, adoption or foster placement of child. Eligibility is contingent upon you and your spouse returning to work. If you are currently receiving the Childcare Subsidy for one child and you give birth to or adopt a second child during the year, you must re-apply for the Childcare Subsidy in order to receive the subsidy for your second child. Apply now »

If you do not meet this deadline, Open Enrollment is your next opportunity to apply for the Childcare Subsidy. Open Enrollment occurs each fall and allows you to make changes to your benefit elections effective January 1st. An Open Enrollment Childcare Subsidy application will be available online in Fall 2015.