Presidio10K Race and Reception
The Presidio 10 Race and Reception was Sunday, April 13
Splash Swim 3-20-13
Human Resources staff at the Splash Fun Wellness lunchtime activity
Meaningful Mile Walk
Sunny Kaido and Patrick Sudlow, Wellness Committee members, lead the Meaningful Mile
Human Resources - Room 339, Lone Mountain Main
Human Resources - Room 339, Lone Mountain Main
Presidio 10 2014
USF Faculty and Staff at 2014's Presidio 10 Race

Healthcare (Medical, Vision and Dental insurance)

USF’s healthcare coverage includes Medical insurance plans as well and Dental and Vision insurance. 

You can read about all of our benefits in the 2013 USF Benefits Guide.


We offer you a choice of a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) for your medical coverage. The HMO coverage is through Kaiser Permanente, and the PPO coverage is through Anthem Blue Cross.

Quick comparison between an HMO plan and a PPO plan
Kaiser HMO Anthem PPO
  • All medical services, hospitalization and pharmacy at Kaiser facilities
  • Can choose practitioners inside or outside PPO network
  • Lower premiums
  • Higher premiums
  • No deductible
  • Annual deductible ($250 for individual, $750 for family)
  • Low co-pay
  • Out-of-pocket limit $1,500 for individual, $3,000 for family
  • Higher co-pay
  • Out-of-pocket (in network) limit $889 for individual
  • Cost-sharing is higher if practitioner is out-of-network


USF’s Dental insurance is offered through the Delta Dental Premier Plan.


USF offers Vision benefits through our Vision Service Plan (VSP).

San Francisco Healthcare Security Ordinance

USF employees who are not classified as full-time workers may be eligible for a health care expenditure under the San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance (SFHSCO).