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hrDirect, December 2011

Final Payroll of 2011 

December 22 will be the last payday of the year for all employees, including those paid both monthly and semi-monthly.  For semi-monthly employees, this will be the final payday prior to the January 13th, 2012 payday.

This early pay date will require a slightly different timesheet submission process than normal.

Please click here for the details.

University Closed for the Holidays

As a reminder, the University will be closed from Friday, December 23, 2011 through Monday, January 2, 2012 (except for such areas as Public Safety, Facilities Operations, and other areas deemed by the Dean or Vice President).

Paid University holidays during this time period are December 23rd & 26th (for observance of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) and December 30th & January 2nd (for observance of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day).  

December 27th, 28th, and 29th are not paid University holidays and must be taken as unpaid or vacation time, unless you are in a department required to work over this time period.

Auto Enroll


Eligible employees were notified of the Auto Enrollment provision that will be effective January 1, 2012 to the University’s 403(b) Plan. 

If you are not contributing already, or contributing less than 3% and do not want to be Auto Enrolled, please complete the opt out form available here by December 16, 2011 at 5:00 p.m.


403(b) Plan Limits

Start 2012 with a goal of saving for retirement by contributing to the 403(b) Plan. 

The IRS limits for 2012 increase from $16,500 to $17,000 for employees under age 50. For those 50 and over, there is an additional $5,500 catch-up provision. 

If you want to contribute the maximum in 2012 and do not currently, or you want to change your current amount, please complete an Authorization for Salary Reduction form available at www.usfca.edu/hr/forms and submit it to Human Resources by January 4, 2012.

VDI Rates

The required short-term disability tax (VDI) will change in 2012. In summary the tax rate will decrease from 1.2% in 2011 to 1.0%, but the taxable wage ceiling will increase from $93,316 to $95,585. 

This means that the maximum contribution to the plan in 2012 will be $955.85, which is a decrease of $163.94. 

If you have questions about this benefit, please contact Gregg Cannella at x6851 orgfcannella@usfca.edu.

SF Minimum Wage to Increase in 2012

Effective January 1, 2012, the SF minimum wage will increase  to $10.24/hour. 

For more information about the minimum wage increase and how it may impact you,please click here.

Happy Holidays! 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

As the semester and year comes to a close, please read on for important end of the year information. 403(b) annual maximums and the SF minimum wage increase next year, while the voluntary disability maximum contributions go down. 

Don't forget to finish the Fall Wellness Incentive to collect your $50 reward and be sure to verify your mailing address to get ready for your W-2!

Have a happy and restful holiday, 

Martha Peugh-Wade
Assistant Vice President, Human Resources

Healthy USF

Join the  Race Challenge!  

February 5th, 2012
Kaiser Permanente Run/Walk (Golden Gate Park)

April 15th, 2012
Presidio10* (Presidio)

*FREE event registration to Bridge to Bridge and Presidio 10 for USF benefits eligible employees and one family member per employee.

Click here for more information about upcoming races and training information!                                               

Earn a $50 Incentive to Koret, Bookstore or Bon Appetit!

As part of the Fall Wellness Challenge, if you completed your biometric screenings, don’t forget to take your Personal Health Profile (PHP) by December 31, 2011, and engage with a WellCall Health Coach by January 15, 2012 to earn your REWARD. 

To access the PHP, please visit http://www.usfca.edu/hr/wellness/php/ 

Visit http://www.usfca.edu/hr/wellness/to find informative newsletters from WellCall and CONCERN, Employee Assistance Program.



Verify Your W-2 Mailing Address

W2s will be issued in January so please take a moment to verify your “Current” mailing address. The current mailing address is on your paycheck or pay stub. 

You may also access and update your “Current” mailing address information online through Employee Self Service. 

To view or update your mailing address:

1. Log into USFConnect and select the Employee Tab.
2. Click the "Click Here" button within the "Employee Self Service" box.

3. From the Employee Self Service Main Menu, click the "Personal Information" link followed by the "Addresses and Phones" Link. 

4. Select the “Current” mailing address type 

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