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Human Resources - Room 339, Lone Mountain Main
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HR Merit & Service Awards Information

HR Merit Awards

Individual Merit Honors individuals with service, contributions and/or achievements that are above and beyond the scope, responsibilities and expectations of their position, and that have made a significant positive impact on their department/division, the University or the community.
Team Merit

Honors a formal or informal team of 3 or more staff, faculty, and/or students whose collective efforts made a significant contribution to USF and/or the community, above and beyond the scope of their job.

Fr. William J. Dunne Award Honors a non-faculty staff member who has demonstrated excellence to USF and the community at large through service, creativity, innovation and leadership, above and beyond the scope of regular job duties.

Who is eligible to receive a nomination?

  • Any full-time USF non-faculty staff member with at least three calendar years of continuous service through January 31, 2015

  • Individuals may be nominated for a second Merit Award, including the Fr. William J. Dunne Award
  • These individuals are not eligible for a nomination:
    Executive Officers: President, Provost, Vice Provost, Vice President, General Counsel, Executive Directors of University and members of the Leadership Team
    Other officers: Chancellor, Executive Assistant to the President, Human Resources staff
  • Academic research teams are not eligible for the Team Merit Award
  • Although self-nominations for awards are not accepted, a team member may nominate his/her team for a Team Merit Award
Who may nominate?
  • All staff members, including Executive Officers, faculty members, and students

Nomination Forms
Nomination Deadline: Friday, March 6, 2015

Click on the appropriate link below to complete an HR Merit Award nomination form:

Nomination Review and Selection Process

An anonymous committee reviews all nominations, checks references, interviews nominators and selects the award recipients. The committee is composed of an appointed representative from each University division. A Human Resources professional serves as the committee ex-officio (has no vote). All nominations are kept confidential. 

HR Service Awards

Each year, individuals are honored for their number of years of continuous service with the university as they reach each 5-year milestone. For example, individuals receive awards at 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, and so on. Individuals to be honored at the annual ceremony in May are contacted during the spring semester. 

Annual Awards Ceremony

The HR Merit Awards, and the other faculty and staff awards listed below, are publicly announced at the annual ceremony in May. Click on the links below for more information about these awards.  Faculty Awards:

2015 USF Service and Merit Awards Ceremony 

Tuesday, May 5 | 3:30 p.m.
McLaren Complex
Reception immediately follows ceremony

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2014 Merit Award Recipients

HR Individual Merit Awards

HR Team Awards

Fr. William J. Dunne Awards


For questions on the HR Merit and Service Awards, please contact Michele Centrella (mcentrella@usfca.edu or x2833) or Ali Tabor (artabor@usfca.edu or x2431).