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Office of Professional Employee (OPE) Compensation Practices

Based on the compensation philosophy, USF's OPE compensation practices recruit and retain qualified and diverse office and clerical staff and reward them for achieving desired levels of performance. These practices are designed to be externally competitive, internally equitable and fiscally responsible.

For office staff, the comparator institutions include the following college and universities:

  • Golden Gate University
  • Saint Mary's College 
  • San Francisco State University
  • San Francisco City College
  • Santa Clara University
  • University of California, San Francisco
  • University of the Pacific, School of Dentistry 

Pay Rate Information

Hire-In Rate

Newly hired employees will be placed in the hiring range for the relevant classification but at no less than the minimum hire-in rate for the classification. For classification minimums, please see OPE Classification Job Description Guidelines chart below.

Probationary Increase

Upon successful completion of the probationary period (typically, four months from date of hire, but may be extended per contract), employees will receive a five percent (5%) wage increase. The 5% salary increase must take the new salary to at least the "Minimum After Probationary Rate" for the classification. Please see the OPE Classification Job Description Guidelines below.

Performance Evaluation Process

Mid-Year Check In

Supervisors must meet with their OPE staff by October 15th for a mid-year performance evaluation check-in meeting.

Annual Performance Appraisal 

The annual OPE performance period is March-March of each year. Current year appraisal guidelines and forms are available at USF HR Forms.  

Merit increase eligibility is based on a number of factors, including the Collective Bargaining Agreement, length of service, and annual review of performance conducted in March. When available, merit increases are based on the individual's performance as measured by achievement of goals and objectives and available funding.

Performance Increases

Employees may be eligible for merit increases and/or across-the-board increases. For more information, please see Collective Bargaining Agreement.


Please see Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 26, Section 4 and 7.

Working Out of Classification

Please see the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 27.


OPE Classification Job Description Guidelines

Before posting job descriptions for recruitment, Human Resources needs to review all new position descriptions, changed position descriptions and those that have not been reviewed within the last two years. As a result of its evaluation, Human Resources will assign an OPE classification level to the position.

For the related detailed job description guidelines, please click on the job family link shown below.

Minimum Hire-in Rate

Minimum After Probationary Rate

  Office Assistant Job Family    
Office Assistant I     $32,602                    $34,233  
Office Assistant II $33,906 $35,602  
Office Assistant III $36,349                                    $38,167  
Office Assistant IV $37,781      $39,671  
Office Assistant V $40,617 $42,648  
Office Assistant VI $43,389 $45,559  
Office Assistant VII $45,992 $48,292  
Office Assistant VIII                       $48,291 $50,706  
  Program Assistant Job Family    
Program Assistant I $33,580 $35,259  
Program Assistant II $37,781 $39,671  
Program Assistant III $40,617 $42,648  
Program Assistant IV $43,389 $45,559  
Program Assistant V       $45,992 $48,292  
                                      Library Assistant Job Family    
Library Assistant I $34,491 $36,216  
Library Assistant II $36,542 $38,370  
Library Assistant III $40,870 $42,914  
Library Assistant IV $43,475 $45,649  
Library Assistant V $45,992 $48,292  
                                                Accountant Assistant Job Family    
Accountant Assistant I $33,906                                           $35,602
Accountant Assistant II $37,781 $39,671  
Accountant Assistant III $40,617 $42,648  
Accountant Assistant IV        $43,389 $45,559  
Accountant Assistant V   $45,992 $48,292