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It is the goal of the GSS to work collaboratively with you to achieve a greater graduate student experience for all at USF.

By joining a committee you have the opportunity to influence the planning, decision making, and implementing processes within the GSS.

Get involved!
The GSS is looking for more graduate students to get involved and to represent their peers. Fill out an interest indicator to join a GSS committee today.
Email Angelica Murray, Vice President of Internal Affairs with any questions about joining a committee:
Administrative Committee

Responsible for maintaining all charters for USF’s graduate student clubs, associations, and organizations, while also reviewing all applications of award monies to ensure that they are consistent with the GSS standards.
Chair: Leigh Mason, VP Administrative Affairs

External Committee

Has the responsibility for planning and implementing all Senate-sponsored programs, services, and social events.
Chair: Veronica Palafox, VP External Affairs

Finance Committee

Ensures the fiscal responsibility of the GSS while reviewing and maintaining the budget, allocation of funding, and development of policies around grant applications.
Chair: Fraylanie Aglipay, VP Treasury

Internal Committee

Reviews amendments, bylaws, and other governing documents, committee codes, policies, and procedures that pertain to or are submitted to the GSS.
Chair: Angelica Murray, VP Internal Affairs