A view of St. Ignatius Church and Kalmanovitz

Are you ready to start your college career with the most amazing opportunity possible? Let's do this!

This is the beginning of wonderful things to come - the Muscat Scholars Program Application. 

To apply for the Muscat Scholars Program 2015, please:

  1. Make sure the student applications and parent/family application are turned in by June 1, 2015 5PM PST .
  2. Ask a parent/family member to complete the Muscat Scholars Program Parent/Family Application located here .

Applications for the Muscat Scholars Program is highly competitive with priority for seating reserved for INVITED First-Generation College Students. 

For questions, please contact Charlene Lobo Soriano at (415) 422-6841.

Asterisk (*) indicates the field is required. 

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Our application process is very simple. We are asking Scholar applicants to complete a video to introduce themselves. You might hesitate: you've never created a video, you're shy, you don't think your story is compelling. We want you to know that MSP students come from different backgrounds and represent a diverse range of talents, skills, abilities, and cultures. This video is your opportunity to shine - simple honest and well-told stories are more important than flashy production.    

Your task: Create video to introduce yourself to the selections committee, no more than two minutes in length. Your video should tell us "your story" as well as why you would be a good fit for the Muscat Scholars Program. We would like to know what you bring to the campus and what you're excited about as you start college. We also want you to be yourself. 

Because your video essay will be your only means for introducing yourself, be creative. Show us your favorite spaces, places, things, but more importantly, tell us your story. Check out our Storify about Creating Video Essays here.

Post your video to Youtube. Make your link public but unlisted, if you wish to not be included in Youtube's search results.  

Don't forget there are more requirements to complete after you hit submit:
  • Have a parent/family member respond to a few questions in the following form
  • Upon confirmation of your acceptance into the program, you will be sent a link for the program fee. 

Submitting this application means that you understand and commit to the rules and regulations set forth by the Muscat Scholars Program.