Brewed in Japan
Brewed in Japan
May 7, 2015
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
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Bridging the Pacific

Asia Pacific Studies

Students in the M.A. in Asia Pacific Studies Program (MAPS) develop valuable cultural competency of the Asia Pacific region. Reflecting the diversity and innovative spirit of San Francisco, the MAPS Program offers a wide range of courses in the humanities and social sciences, including history, literature, politics, business and culture. 

Applications for Fall 2015 are currently being considered for admission and scholarships on a space-available basis.

In this interdisciplinary program, students immerse themselves in San Francisco's vibrant and diverse Asian Pacific American communities through internship and networking opportunities. Graduates gain the skills, knowledge and training for careers and fields in this dynamic region.

Sophaline MaoSophaline Mao,
“As companies grow globally, it is imperative that we prepare ourselves to occupy multiple roles. The MAPS/MBA dual degree afforded me the best of both worlds. The MAPS program allowed me to focus on the Asia Pacific by studying the history, culture, politics, religion and interrelationships that exist in the region while the MBA program provided me with solid business fundamentals that are required today for successful business leadership. The knowledge and skills I gained as a MAPS/MBA student are instrumental in my current job at Salesforce. Here, as a global communicator and trainer, I create and develop Sales Operations-related policies as well as assist the global sales team with processes that support our sales success.”

The MAPS Program resides in USF's Center for Asia Pacific Studies, which offers many resources and opportunities to MAPS students. Established in 1988, the Center fosters greater understanding of the Asia Pacific and strengthens connections between cultures and societies.


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