Bollywood Nation
August 26, 2014
5 - 6:30 p.m.
McLaren Conference Center 250 
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Bridging the Pacific bridge and city at night
Ship and skyline
Entering a Japanese temple through round door
riverfront market
Japanese temple on the water
chinese market
Shanghai skyline
Korean women in bright dresses
boat vendors
Airport sign with destinations

Asian Studies

Welcome to the Undergraduate Asian Studies Program at the University of San Francisco!

Here you'll find some of the most interesting and relevant courses, faculty, and programs related to the study of Asia in the entire West Coast.

Whether your primary interest is business, the humanities, social development, or the environment—or all of these—you'll find a wealth of opportunities to develop your interests through the curriculum we offer.

Interdisciplinary, comparative, challenging, and interactive with the Bay Area community—these are just a few of the characteristics of our courses on Asia.

We invite you to explore the various features of the program—the Major , the Minor , the BA/BS-MAPS ("4+1") option —and discover a course of study that will not only broaden your world but expand confidence and awareness about your own humanity.