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Sample Projects and Syllabi

Sample USF Service-Learning Projects

Service-learning comes in many varieties, but here are a few examples of projects that service-learners from USF have done.

  • Business students serving at Streetside Stories researched funding opportunities for arts education nonprofits like Streetside and created a resource booklet.
  • Computer Science students serving at St. Anthony Foundation developed an A+ Computer Repair Certification Curriculum and tutored students in the employment program.
  • Performing Arts and Social Justice students served in the Grocery Center at Project Open Hand and created a play based on their experiences.

Sample USF Service-Learning Syllabi

Campus Compact: Service-Learning Syllabi

  • Campus Compact has a database of over 300 service-learning syllabi from a wide variety of courses.

Learn and Serve America: Service-Learning Ideas and Curricular Examples (SLICE)

  • This database has service-learning lesson plans, syllabi, and project ideas. (Note that the site is still in beta version.)