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Graduate-Level Community-Engaged Learning Seminar
Registration Form

This seminar is designed for graduate program faculty interested in infusing community-engaged philosophies and practices into their courses, and for community partners interested in working with students and faculty to meet community-identified needs.

Participants will explore the concept of community; discuss definitions and essential elements of community engagement and related pedagogies; discover how community-engagement can enhance student learning and advance USF’s mission; learn and contribute to best practices in cultivating and maintaining community partnerships; identify practical tools and frameworks for assessment and reflection; and develop community-engaged project ideas with potential community partners

Location: USF's Fromm Hall (Friday) and the Hall of Culture at African American Arts and Culture Complex (Saturday)

Dates: Friday and Saturday, January 10-11, 2014
***Childcare will be provided onsite for the Saturday sessions

Eligible Participants: Novice to experienced community-engaged educators and community partners

The first 30 registrants will receive a book of their choice (see below for options and to indicate your preference).

USF Department/Program     
(for faculty)
(for community partners)

How did you hear about the GLCEL Seminar?

Statement of Interest
Please write a paragraph about why you are interested in the GLCEL Seminar. We encourage you to describe any ways you are currently involved with community-engaged learning/research, and how you would like to be involved in the future.

Self-Identified Areas of Knowledge
On a scale of 1-5, with 1 meaning you have no knowledge of the topic and 5 meaning you have significant expertise/experience with the topic, please rank your level of expertise/experience with regard to the following:

Service-Learning (including problem-based
and project-based service-learning)
Community-Based Research (including
participatory action research)
Campus-Community Partnerships  
Reflection in Community-Engaged Courses  
Collaborative Project Development  

OPTIONAL: The three questions below invite you to provide specific project and/or partnership ideas. If you choose to respond to this section, we will use this information to outreach to potential participants and/or divide participants into small groups during seminar discussions.

Project/Partnership Ideas: Please indicate here whether you have a specific community-engaged project or community-based research idea in mind and briefly describe it. (Note: You do not need to have a specific project idea to participate in the seminar)


For Faculty: If there is a specific community partner you plan to work with to develop or enhance a graduate-level project/course, please list their name and contact info here, and note whether this person is applying to the GLCEL seminar.


For Community Partners: If there is a specific faculty member you plan to work with to develop or enhance a graduate-level project/course, please list their name and contact info here, and note whether this person is applying to the GLCEL seminar.


If you are among the first 30 participants to register, you will receive a free book of your choice at the end of the seminar. Please select which book you would prefer:

(Book details)
(Book details)
(Book details)

IMPORTANT: Once you hit the “submit” button, a message should appear confirming that your registration was submitted successfully. If you do not see this message, please either try to resubmit your form or contact us to make sure we did receive it.