NURS 755 - Leadership in Complex Adaptive Systems (3)

This course provides the doctoral student with an opportunity to engage in a study of current and cutting edge leadership theories and apply them directly to the practice of professional nursing at the advanced practice level. Historical, present-day, and future perspectives of leadership in nursing within the context of the dynamic nature of healthcare organizations will be explored. Specific emphasis will be on incorporating and viewing nursing leadership and organizations using the complexity science paradigm. Strategies for incorporating change management theories will also be addressed therough the perspective of emerging roles of the nurse as cliinical nurse leader and practitioner, advocate, manager of resources , and member of the interdisciplinary team. Finally, through the practice of Ignatian Pedagogy and reflective praxis, the student will engage in self assessment and self evaluation of their own leadership styles and values, ultimately creating a vision statement for their own personal development and strategic acquisition of leadership skills and knowledge for their advanced practice as a DNP.