SPAN 456 - Private Lives, Public Voices: The Generation of 98 and Autobiography (4)

This seminar  explores when, how and why writers use autobiographical material (even "fictionalized" histories) with special attention given to the poets, novelists, essayists and playwrights of the Generation of 98. The finest writers of this period of Spanish literature emphasized the experimental and the intimate, as well as the social and political purpose of words. Their constant reliance on memory and historical facts to understand the traits of the Spanish character explain why they favored the autobiographical form.  Throughout the semester students will study Unamuno, Azorín, Baroja, Machado and Valle-Inclán and their influence on the artists who wrote before, during and after the Spanish Civil War, such as Lorca, Cela and Sender.  Students will read a selection of their novels, diaries, poems, essays and letters, along with criticism of their literary work and techniques.  Prerequisite: Completion of two 300-level courses within Spanish Studies.