SPAN 352 - The Spanish Civil War: Literature, Film and the Visual Arts (4)

The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) remains an essential milestone in the history of Spain, one that still shapes--almost 80 years later--the political and social life of the Spanish people.  Of course an event of such impact is also visible in the Arts, and just as this tragic era left an indelible mark on the politics and history of the country, the Spanish Civil War triggered artistic responses far beyond Spain.  In this course, students study the political stages of the war and its aftermath through literary and non-literary  texts, along with visual representations (photographs, paintings, movies, etc.) produced by Spanish and foreign artists from a wide range of ideological groups. The analysis of these cultural artifacts allows students to identify and clarify the most important ideas, figures and genres of the Spanish Civil War as seen through an artistic lens. Prerequisite: SPAN 206.