MBA 6719 - Cross-Cultural Negotiation (2)

(Elective for International Business concentration.) Designed for students who wish to prepare themselves for negotiating with people from other cultures. In the contemporary global business environment, negotiators who understand how culture affects negotiating processes and outcomes have a distinct advantage at the bargaining table. Students study other cultures as well as your own to become more familiar with how individuals from those cultures approach business relationships in general and learn to use interpersonal communication and influence skills as well as analytical tools to become effective negotiators in particular. Contemporary cultural theory provides the framework for students to analyze their own cultural assumptions about the negotiation process and to circumvent cross-cultural differences at the negotiating table. Students observe differences in how negotiation is done in various cultures and learn to decode cultural behavior during negotiation by understanding cross-cultural communication styles. Restricted to Business Administration, Business Administration, Business Administration, Business Administration, and Organization Development majors.