MBA 6499 - ST: Leadership and Orgs (2)

The exercises, simulations, readings, lectures, and discussions in this course develop the skills, concepts, and practices of transformational leadership. Emphasis will be placed on deepening the understanding and practice of leadership to advance the University of San Francisco's mission of "Change the World from Here", drawing on examples regionally, nationally, and globally. This course builds your leadership skills and knowledge to negotiate and navigate, the intersection of the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. The premise of this course is that transformational leadership occurs in various complex social challenges through connecting the public, for profit, and nonprofit sectors. Of particular interest are the varied mechanisms in play across sectors and for leading in non-hierarchical environments. This course will examine the methods and processes that political, business, civic, and organizational leaders use to transform their communities, cities or regions. Learning Objectives: - Increase your ability to lead transformations and create new possibilities. - Connect varied leadership practices with inter-sectoral approaches to design outcomes. - Develop skills for consensus building, conflict resolution, and negotiations in cross-sectoral contexts. - Apply critical thinking through application of varied frames and models to developing options for addressing complex societal, cross sector challenges. - Increase your skills in leadership, design, management, and evaluation of cross-sectoral arrangements. - An increased capacity to work through ambiguity, complex problem solving, and effective inquiry. Readings: Wood, John, A Room to Read Moore, Mark, Public Value Bennis, Warren, The Essential Bennis Kolvenbach, Lecture