MBA 6414 - Managing Across Cultures (2)

(Required for International Business concentration.) (Elective for Leadership concentration.) Working in another culture or working with people from another culture can often feel like visiting another planet. In this course, you will study dimensions of culture such as time, personal space, ethics, and business etiquette as well as a host of other elements. You will also study particular cultures in Asia, Europe, Middle East and others to become more familiar with how individuals from those cultures approach business relationships and work in general. The intent is to become effective cross cultural managers, leaders and negotiators. Prerequisites: MBA 614 or MBA 6103 or MBA 6104 or MBA 6014 or MBA 6105 or MBAI 5007 or MBAI 5001 Degree restricted to Master of Business Admin. Restricted to Graduate level; Business Administration, Business Administration, Business Administration, and Business Administration majors