MBA 6202 - Firm and Project Evaluation: Creating Economic Value (2)

(Elective for Finance concentration.) We begin by determining best practices for firm valuation, and how to critically analyze a firm's financial performance. Subsequently, we analyze a complex project, and examine common pitfalls associated with the process. Other topics of analysis include financial forecasting in a small business environment, a look at valuation techniques for small businesses, and finally we simulate an acquisition process, including detailed company valuation and attendant negotiations. A common theme is the creation of economic value, with additional elements of agency costs , ethics, and corporate governance as subtexts. The course is delivered primarily through the case method, with active participation of all students a must. Prerequisites: MBA 617 or (MBA 6109 and MBA 6110 ) or MBAI 5002 or MBA 6019 or MBA 6019 Degree restricted to Master of Business Admin. Restricted to Graduate level; Business Administration, Business Administration, Business Administration, and Business Administration majors