MBA 6003 - Advanced Tpcs in Bus Communica (.5)

Interviews: Learn the verbal and nonverbal factors that lead to success in hiring interviews. Review the most recent rulings on what's legal in selection interviewing. Practice answering the most common questions posed in MBA interviews, with instructor feedback. Discuss how to handle awkward or illegal interview questions. In addition, learn the skills of an adept managerial interviewer, including creating good interview questions, recording interview data, comparing candidates, using the resume within the interview process, and probing for deeper understanding of candidate responses. Meetings: Understand the techniques that lead to energized, productive meetings. Practice key skills of meeting leaders as well as meeting participants. Create useful agendas that keep the meeting on task and on time. Complete several evaluative instruments that give you a good idea of your habitual meeting behaviors--and how to improve them for upward mobility in organizations. Tips for dealing with a variety of meeting problems will be shared. Intercultural Communication: Recognize that you probably will have at least one extended international assignment within five years of completing your MBA. You will also undoubtedly face the challenge of managing and serving diverse cultural groups within this country. This session reveals communication "tips" you can put to use immediately to relate more effectively to international and intercultural audiences. Native managers from 20 trading nations have prepared their "top ten" list of suggestions for how you can achieve your business goals while avoiding cultural pitfalls in their various countries. Role-plays, video vignettes, and short cases will focus on specific techniques you can use to hone your intercultural communication abilities. Media Relations: Led by a well-known director/producer/screenwriter, this seminar teaches you how to communicate on camera and the Internet, with special attention to media interviews, television appearances, in-house training videos, and AV conferences. Practice answering "on-the-spot" interview questions from reporters and delivering both good news and bad news messages to employees and the public through a variety of media. Improv techniques will be featured to help you "be yourself" and avoiding getting stuck for words on camera.