BUS 380 - Food-service, Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship (4)

This course is structured as a foundation course for the Hospitality Management student. It introduce student to the basics of culinary theories and the fundamental of cooking techniques. Students will complete an online course on safety and sanitation and receive a California Food Handler Card. Students will learn the development of modern food service, understand the organization of classic and modern Kitchen and how to write and cost recipes. They will learn how to appreciate the different types and style of menus. Student will study the basic of nutrition to incorporate healthy ingredients and techniques in cooking and menu construction. Students will study about management functions, styles and leadership roles in a foodservice operation setting. They will learn necessary skills to analyze different restaurant concepts and designs. Students will examine foodservice operation site selection, market analysis, menu development, competition analysis, equipment selection, staffing requirements, financial analysis, promotion and advertising. These learning outcomes will be demonstrated and evaluated through a semester-long entrepreneurial restaurant development project. Prerequisite: BUS 188