BUS 377 - Nuts and Bolts of Entrepreneurship (4)

Learning Objective: To introduce students to the personal implications and practical aspects of being an entrepreneur - actually identifying, starting, and running a business. The phrase, "Eyes on the Sky, Feet on the Ground," represents the class theme that combines the ambition and vision of the entrepreneur with the realistic business skills that turn a vision into a business reality. Course Overview: A BROAD SURVEY of the requirements and realities of entrepreneurship including: idea creation, basic analytical skills in making business decisions, and the concrete actions to turn a plan into a successful company. Topics include: -Understanding the personal implications and impacts of being an entrepreneur -Idea creation -Strategic management: analyzing markets and competitors with the goal of identifying business opportunities -Forming the business in light of legal and financial / tax factors -The nuts and bolts of building a start-up: financing the venture, hiring and managing employees, real estate, sales and marketing The course will use a combination of: lecture, discussion, case analysis, quantitative problem solving, role-play, student presentations, and guest speakers.