BUS 181 - Hospitality Professional Development (2)

This course is designed for newly declared Hospitality Industry Management majors/minors to begin their progression process through the Hospitality Industry Management Program. The focus of this course is career preparation in Hospitality Management so done by developing one's career portfolio, identifying industry-related areas of interest through a series of professional skills assessments administered by USF Career Services, and developing an action plan to launch their 800-hour industry-related work experience requirement for graduation in this major. Prerequisites: concurrent RHET 106 or concurrent RHET 108 or TOEFL Total Score Internet with a minimum score of 94 or IELTS Overall Score with a minimum score of 7.0 or SAT Read HI + SAT Write HI with a minimum score of 400 or ACT Engl HI + ACT Read HI with a minimum score of 22 or TOEFL Total Score Paper with a minimum score of 587.