SOC 280 - Popular Dance Culture and Subcultures (4)

A semester-long entry into and questioning of dance's culture-making function. While we will consider concert dance, this is only one aspect of our greater research into how dance participates in national and international culture, and how various dance practices create subcultures whose values often complicate dominant modes of thought. Through readings, guest lectures, videos, discussions, participation in classes, event attendance, and a final fieldwork-driven project, we will address the notions of culture and subculture, and the imbedded themes of identity, entertainment, aesthetics, criticism, value, and lifestyle. Areas may include: ballroom, tango, capoeira, circus arts, ballet, street dance, music videos, club and drag performance, contact improvisation, Broadway musicals, film and television, and YouTube. No prior dance experience is required. Crosslisted with DANC 180. Offered intermittently.