THRS 262 - Homosexuality and the Bible (4)

The question of gender, homosexuality, and same-sex relationships are of ongoing religious debate as developments in the human sciences and anthropology continue to challenge long standing interpretations of the Bible on these issues. This course will explore these issues from a historical-critical interpretation of the Bible in order to shed new light on the age old questions of human sexuality and spirituality. However, the success or failure of this course rests on its ability to demonstrate to students that when discussing issues of same-gender relations within the context of Christian faith and theology, we are ultimately dealing not with issues, but with persons; and more specifically, persons-in-relation. This course, therefore, lends itself to critical assessment of the intersection between theology, the church as both local community and global instruction, and homosexual persons and their primary relationships. The integration of our course work with opportunities to dialogue with gay and lesbian Christians will attempt to provide a balance between historical-critical exegesis, Christian theology, and a focus on persons within the San Francisco community who strive to live lives of faith and integrity within the (Catholic) Christian milieu.