SPAN 221 - Spanish for Bilinguals I (4)

Students will improve linguistic skills and increase exposure to academic Spanish.  This may take the form of improving spelling, expanding vocabulary at formal registers, broadening the range of topics controlled in written and oral expression, and so forth.  The readings (which explore health, education, politics, bilingualism, biculturalism and social institutions in Latin America) are the core of the course, serving as the basis for class discussion and essays and for the selective review of grammar. Completion of this course is the equivalent of Spanish 201 (Third Semester Spanish) and will satisfy any USF program requiring three semesters of a foreign language. Note: All incoming students enrolling in a Spanish class at USF for the first time who have taken Spanish before and/or were raised speaking Spanish are required to take the placement test. (Please see the Department of Modern and Classical Languages website for more information). Qualifying students who were raised speaking Spanish at home are required to take this course and are not eligible to take Spanish 201.  Offered Fall Semester only.  Prerequisite: Native speaking abilities, no junior high or high school study in a Spanish-speaking country, and placement into Spanis 201 (Third Semester Spanish) or permission from Spanish Language Coordinator.