INTD 336 - Contemporary Spain (2)

For two weeks, you will live in the heart of the Basque Region of northern Spain, an area rich with Roman, Jewish, Arab and Basque cultures, a diverse geography, and a complex social, political and economic environment. Bilbao is a historic and a modern city where you can discover history, art and gain insight into the current social, political and economic issues facing Spain. Some of the important landmarks include the Guggenheim Museum-Bilbao and the Peace Museum in Gernika close by Bilbao. You will also travel to Madrid, the heart and capital of Spain, and to historic cities of Toledo and Segovia. You will be immersed in the language and culture of Spain with a unique opportunity to experience some of the most complex cultures in all of Europe. Offered in collaboration with Universidad de Deusto and USF's Latin American Studies Program.