ENVM 672 - Climate Change Mitigation (2)

Recognizing that human activity is altering the earth's climate, this course focuses on climate change mitigation options for changing human activities and reducing emissions of greenhouse gasses to avert negative climate change impacts. Working seminar-style, we will examine efforts to develop and implement climate policies at multiple levels: international agreements (e.g., United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Kyoto Protocol, current COP agreements, alternative agreements), regional policies (e.g., European Union), and US national and state policies (especially California). We will also discuss non-governmental and private sectors efforts on climate change mitigation. To understand the structure and effectiveness of different agreements, we will examine major sources of greenhouse gas emissions and ways of reducing them, ranging from automobile fuel economy standards to carbon caps and trading mechanisms. Course readings, the latest climate news, and current research will inform our discussion.