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The University of San Francisco School of Management is doing what the world needs and we need your support to help our students achieve their goals.

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Our programs are focused on the whole person: students work in cohorts, learning and functioning as interdependent teams — just as they will do in the professional world. They engage in Service Learning and apply their new business skills and knowledge to solve practical problems facing non-profits. Some students study micro-lending while others develop expertise in multicultural marketing. Global Immersion programs — in Chile, Argentina, China, Turkey, Dubai, Russia, and more —help students develop both global consciousness and global networks. Through Entrepreneurship and Innovation, they begin to invent their own futures along with future businesses.

And all of our work is built on the Jesuit tradition: rigorous, comprehensive, and values-based education — an ethical, service commitment that sets the highest standard today, as it has for 450 years — yielding well prepared leaders with deep moral commitment and an understanding that meaningful personal growth and societal change is rooted in individual responsibility.

What we offer at USF has never been more important.

And, equally important, is the need for alumni and friends of our school to contribute to the education of men and women who will lead organizations as whole persons. Donor support provides resources for student teams to compete in national and international competitions, for new faculty to launch their careers at USF, and for staff to create new advising and mentoring programs for undergraduate and graduate students. Donor support underwrites student consulting projects with local non-profits through the Public Service Internship Program and with start-ups which want to be global from the beginning. Your support helps us provide business and professional education in the Jesuit tradition now and for the future.

Cassou-Shan Scholarship
Awarded to a full-time MBA student who has demonstrated unique promise, exceptional intelligence, and outstanding personal discipline.

Albert & Sophie Yu International Business Scholarship
Awarded to an MBA student with an interest in Asian studies, particularly in social-economic issues.

Laura Sypin Scholarship
Awarded to female students, preferably working women or temporarily retired working women re-entering the work place.

Robert J. Smith Memorial Scholarship
Originally dedicated to those pursuing rehabilitation careers, but now open to all MBA students.

Richard Puntillo First Generation Scholarship
Awarded to an MBA student who is the first generation of his or her family to attend college with priority given to students who completed their undergraduate business education at USF.

Bernie Martin scholarship
Awarded to an MBA student based on a competitive essay.