Sociology Department Example Syllabi

Please click on a link to see an example syllabi. If there is not clickable link, the course does not yet have a syllabi you can view. Be sure to check back as new syllabi become available.

Important Note: These are examples of different course syllabi for the Sociology Department. They do not necessarily reflect the final syllabi for any of the listed courses.

SOC 109 Environment and Society (was Humans and Environmental Change)
SOC 150 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 226 Social Problems (EMDS)
SOC 227 Violence in Society
SOC 228 Asians and Pacific Islanders in U.S. Society
SOC 229 Diversity of American Families
SOC 230 Urban Places, Faces, and Spaces (was Cities and Society)
SOC 231 Introduction to Globalization
SOC 233 Gender, Development & Globalization
SOC 238 African American Culture and Society
SOC 240 People of Mixed Descent
SOC 260 Sociology of Gender
SOC 297 Writing in Sociology
SOC 302 Global Inequalities and Social Justice
SOC 304 U.S. Inequalities and Social Justice
SOC 306 Sociological Theory
SOC 308 Research Methods
SOC 313 Latin@/Chican@ Culture & Society
SOC 314 U.S.-Mexico Borderlands
SOC 319 Health and the Environment
SOC 320 Global Environments and Societies
SOC 321 Social Psychology
SOC 322 Resistance to Corporate Globalization (was Globalization and Resistance)
SOC 323 Urban Education
SOC 324 Sport, Culture and Society
SOC 325 Critical Approaches to Race and Ethnicity
SOC 326 Sociology of Popular Culture
SOC 327 Migration and Diversity in East Asia
SOC 329 Social Worlds of Children
SOC 331 Social Stratification
SOC 332 Religion and Society
SOC 333 Nationalism and Citizenship
SOC 338 Sociology of Education
SOC 340 Social Change
SOC 345 Feminism, Gender, & the Body
SOC 347 Sex and Sexualities
SOC 350 Social Movements
SOC 351 Revolution and Reaction
SOC 352 Politics and Society
SOC 353 Sociology of Peace & War
SOC 354 Sociology of Law
SOC 355 Deviance and Social Control
SOC 356 Juvenile Justice
SOC 357 Criminology
SOC 360 Cities in a Global Context (was Urbanization and Development)
SOC 361 Brazilian Culture & Society
SOC 363 Sociology of Hip Hop
SOC 365 Credit, Debt, & Society
SOC 367 Environmental Justice
SOC 390 Leadership & Career Development
SOC 392 Community Organizing (EMDS)
SOC 395 Fieldwork in Sociology
SOC 410 Honors Thesis Workshop
SOC 450 Senior Capstone