Philosophy Majors in Graduate Studies

In Philosophy

Kristin Drake, '10 - Texas A&M University- continuing Ph.D.

    "I am a 3rd year Ph.D. fellow here at Texas A&M, as well as recipient of a 6 year (at least) assistantship. I have been teaching since I arrived, ... Next year I will be having my first class where I will be alone responsible and will be instructor of record in intro or contemporary moral issues ... My program is unique in the fact that it requires and funds my pursuit of an MA in an outside field, and I am currently working on my MA in Performance Studies. I am going to Jamaica and northern CA for research towards this degree this summer! ... I would never have been able to realize my dreams like I am if it weren't for USF philosophy. I am 100% sure of this."

George Fourlas, '07 - University of Oregon - continuing Ph.D

    "My first year in the program at the UO I was granted a fellowship (the promising scholar award) which gave me an entire year to focus on my coursework without having to teach. I did not know at the time exactly how much time teaching requires, nor did I know how much fun it would be. ... Most recently I was invited to present at Oxford [and] at the university here in San Sebastian. ... I have a few publications presently under review: one is on the racialization of Middle-Eastern Americans and the other is on Foucault's Speech Act theory. At this point I am really focused on completing my dissertation... For me the hardest aspect of graduate school has been effectively balancing the personal with the professional, which is more or less difficult depending on the demands and pressures being made in both spheres. Luckily I have a great partner who helps me balance things!"

Heather Fox, '11 - University of Wisconsin-Wilwaukee - continuing MA

Ryan Van Nood, '09 - Miami University of Ohio - completing MA, applying to Ph.D. 

    "Last spring I workshopped a paper arguing that unity of Seneca’s metaphysics, logic, and ethics is helpfully articulated against his desire to inculcate a certain cosmic moral imagination. ... I could not recommend this program highly enough.... One particular logistical virtue of the program is the fact that it is one of the only funded M.A. programs around, and so it is a truly reasonable way to really bolster one's background in the history of philosophy while familiarizing oneself with professional duties such as grading papers and what not. ... I also have to say that taking advantage of the Oxford University study abroad program through SII was the best thing I could have done to prepare for graduate work... When I returned to USF, I wanted to grab all of my colleagues by the shoulders and implore them to go if they can, and I still feel that way. It felt like going to Hogwarts."  

Wynne Rohrig, '09 - New School for Social Research - continuing MA 

Keith Tibbets, '08 - SF State - continuing MA, applying for Ph.D. for Fall 2014, recipient of pre-doc fellowship 

    "I just set up a Summer internship with Judith Wagner DeCew at Clark University to do research for her on [privatization and the law]. The internship is a part of the Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, to assist students at the CSU level go to PhDs at the UC especially... One thing about going from USF to San Francisco State is that I felt the analytic/continental is alive and well much more so than at USF."

Shaila Wadhwani, '04 - SUNY Stony Brook - completing MA, applying to Ph.D. 

    I'm hopeful but keeping realistic about my [Ph.D. admission] prospects... Competition is fierce, and many of my colleagues didn't get in last year, though they are incredibly talented and sharp philosophers. ... I've spent the last year and a half engaged with Husserl, Kant's Third Critique, Jean-Luc Nancy, and loads of strange ontologies... Turning to Hegel next semester, Kant's First Critique, and a toss up between Lyotard's Aesthetics and Plato's Political Pathology. All in all, a wild ride..."

Karen Chan '04 - Ph.D. at Notre Dame University, taught part-time this last semester here at USF, and is taking up a full-time position as Assistant Professor of Philosophy at St. Patrick's Seminary in Menlo Park


Other Disciplines

Adam O'Brien, '11 - U. Chicago Divinity - continuing

    “School here is great but extremely intense! …..The divinity school here has a lot of very diverse fields so you have everything from Judaic studies, to Vedic literature, to philosophy of mind."

Nick Wright, '11 - Columbia University MFA - continuing MFA 

Pearce Ekel, '11 - USF School of Education - continuing M.Ed. 

Stephen Richard, '10 - USF School of Law - continuing J.D. 

James Baber, '10 - Seton Hall Law School - continuing

Katherine De Leon '06 - Linden Lab, Sony


Recently Completed (2012-2013)

Lyly Villanueva, 09 - University of Miami, Florida - completing Law Degree, Spring 2013

Sandy Doughty, '09 - Harvard, School of Education - completed MA in Education, Spring 2012

    "This past May [2012], I completed my Master's of Education (Ed.M) from the Harvard Graduate School of Education with a concentration in Human Development and Psychology.... I studied a teaching practice known as "Critical Exploration" with Professor Eleanor Duckworth, a student of Jean Piaget. I also dabbled with the more "serious" subjects of traditional neuroscience, developmental psychology, and health science... I was awarded the Intellectual Contribution and Faculty Tribute Award upon graduating. ...Since graduating, I have continued my work in Los Angeles, where I run after-school psycho-social play therapy and social skills programs for children with significant behavioral issues. ... I look back on my time at USF fondly. I really wish I could go back to the days of immersing myself in great works and hashing them out thoroughly with friends and professors. My time there certainly prepared me for graduate work and for living a meaningful and productive life after college."

Kevin Heaton '05 - The University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine - completing MD, Spring 2013