PASJ Courses

Fall 2013 classes in dance, music, theater, and production/design

CRN     Course#/Section/Title/Time/Location
41014     PASJ160-01:Body in Perf: Alexander Tech   MW03:30 pm-04:35 pm in ED 040 *PASJ majors/minors only
41021     PASJ171-01:Production and Design I   TR12:45 pm-02:00 pm in LM 148 *PASJ majors/minors only
41023     PASJ380-01:Performing Arts and Community Exchange (SL)  MF09:15 am-12:50 pm &W10:30 am-12:35 pm in ED 040
41024     PASJ480-01:Senior Project   W01:00 pm-03:00 pm in LM 151 *PASJ majors/minors only
41224     DANC110-01:Ballet (Beg)   MW12:45 pm-02:05 pm in KO DSTU
41225     DANC110-02:Modern Dance (Beg)   MW09:00 am-10:20 am in KO L102
41226     DANC110-03:Dance For Musical Theater(Beg)   MW02:15 pm-03:35 pm in KO L102
41227     DANC110-04:Hip Hop (Beg)   F04:35 pm-06:45 pm in KO L102
41228     DANC110-05:Conditioning for Dancers   MW03:45 pm-04:55 pm in KO L102
41229     DANC110-06:West African Dance   F02:15 pm-04:15 pm in KO L102
41230     DANC110-07:Ballroom, Latin & Swing Dance   W03:30 pm-05:10 pm in KO L201
41231     DANC110-08:Ballroom, Latin & Swing Dance   W01:35 pm-03:15 pm in KO L201
41232     DANC110-09:Hip Hop (Beg)   MW05:30 pm-06:20 pm in KO L201
41233     DANC150-01:Dance Appreciation   T02:40 pm-04:25 pm in LM 147 & R02:40 pm-04:25 pm in KO DSTU
42135     DANC151-01:Partnering and Contact Improvisation   F11:45 am-01:45 pm in KO DSTU
42111     DANC170-01:Walkabout:Expl/Urban Spaces (Core F)   TR02:40 pm-04:25 pm in LM 350
41235     DANC181-01:Dance and Social History   T09:55 am-11:40 am in LM 147 & R09:55 am-11:40 am in KO DSTU*PASJ majors/minors only
41236     DANC195-01:FYS: Dance in San Francisco (Core F)   T02:40 pm-04:25 pm in KO DSTU & R02:40 pm-04:25 pm in LM 141A
41240     DANC210-01:Intermediate Ballet   MW11:15 am-12:35 pm in KO DSTU
41241     DANC211-01:Intermediate Modern Dance   MW05:00 pm-06:20 pm in KO DSTU
42136     DANC211-02:Intermediate Modern Dance   TR06:30 pm-07:50 pm in KO DSTU
41242     DANC230-01:Composition I   TR12:45 pm-02:30 pm in KO DSTU
41246     DANC240-01:Hip Hop (Int/Adv)   F09:00 am-11:10 am in KO DSTU
41257     DANC250-01:Philippine Dance and Culture   T09:55 am-11:40 am in KO DSTU & R09:55 am-11:40 am in LM 147
41249     DANC310-01:Ballet (Intermediate - Advanced)   TR04:35 pm-05:55 pm in KO DSTU
41255     DANC311-02:Intermediate/Advanced Modern Dance   MW06:30 pm-07:50 pm in KO DSTU
41261     DANC480-01:Workshop in Dance Production   R06:30 pm-07:30 pm in KO DSTU
40907     MUS100-02:Musicianship and Principles of Tonal Theory   MWF10:30 am-11:35 am in LM 151
40908     MUS100-03:Musicianship and Principles of Tonal Theory   TR12:45 pm-02:30 pm in LM 151
40909     MUS101-01:Music Appreciation   MWF11:45 am-12:50 pm in LM 151
40911     MUS101-03:Music Appreciation   TR02:40 pm-04:25 pm in MA 122
40912     MUS110-01:USF University Classical Choir   TR04:35 pm-06:20 pm in LM 151
40913     MUS110-02:USF Gospel Choir   M04:45 pm-06:25 pm in ED 040
40914     MUS110-03:ASUSF Voices Choirs   M06:30 pm-08:15 pm in ED 040
40915     MUS110-04:St. Ignatius Liturgical Choir   U05:00 pm-07:00 pm in TBA TBA
40917     MUS111-01:ULAM-Latin American Ensemble  W06:30 pm-08:15 pm in LM 151
40918     MUS111-02:USF Dons Marching Band   M06:30 pm-08:15 pm in UN 28
40919     MUS111-03:USF Jazz Band   T04:35 pm-06:20 pm in ED 040
40920     MUS111-04:Classical Chamber Ensemble   F01:00 pm-03:20 pm in LM 151
40921     MUS111-05:Computer Music Ensemble   T06:30 pm-08:15 pm in LM 151
41530     MUS111-06:Rock Band   R06:30 pm-08:15 pm in LM 151
               MUS120 series: Private Lessons  in voice, guitar, piano, violin, cello  *Music majors/minors only
41539     MUS160-01:Alexander Technique   MW03:30 pm-04:25 pm in ED 040
40937     MUS180-01:Music and Social History   TR09:55 am-11:40 am in LM 151*PASJ majors/minors only
40938     MUS195-01:FYS:LoveDeathIntrigue Opera SF (Core F)   TR09:55 am-11:40 am in MA 122
40939     MUS200-01:Studies in Popular Music (Core F)   MWF02:15 pm-03:20 pm in MA 122
40940     MUS200-02:Studies in Popular Music (Core F) MWF01:00 pm-02:05 pm in MA 122
40941     MUS210-01:Music of the Americas (Core F/CD)   MWF10:30 am-11:35 am in MA 122
40942     MUS212-01:Survey of African Music (Core F/CD)   MWF03:30 pm-04:35 pm in MA 122
41574     MUS215-01:Filipino Music and Theology   M04:45 pm-06:25 pm in LM 151
40943     MUS301-01:History of Western Art Music   TR12:45 pm-02:30 pm in MA 122
40944     MUS312-01:Introduction to Music Technology   TR03:30 pm-04:25 pm in LM 151
40945     MUS390-01:Sp. Top:Arranging   M01:00 pm-03:20 pm in LM 151
41025     THTR101-01:Appreciation of Theater  (Core F) M06:30 pm-10:10 pm in ED 201
41026     THTR110-01:Acting for Non-Majors(Core F)   MWF10:30 am-11:35 am in LM 148
41027     THTR110-02:Acting for Non-Majors (Core F)  MWF03:30 pm-04:45 pm in LM 148
41028     THTR110-03:Acting for Non-Majors (Core F)  MWF01:00 pm-02:05 pm in ED 040
41029     THTR110-04:Acting for Non-Majors(Core F)   MWF02:15 pm-03:20 pm in ED 040
41030     THTR110-05:Acting for Non-Majors (Core F)  TR12:45 pm-02:30 pm in ED 040
41031     THTR115-01:Hip Hop Theater (Core F)  T06:30 pm-10:30 pm in MA 228
41032     THTR120-01:Acting I: Spoken Text   MW11:45 am-01:15 pm in LM 148
41033     THTR182-01:Theater and Social History   TR09:55 am-11:40 am in ED 040
41034     THTR195-01:FYS: Performing Asian Am (Core F)  TR09:55 am-11:40 am in LM 141A
42112     THTR195-03:FYS: From Oz to Hogwarts (Core F)   TR02:40 pm-04:25 pm in MA 228
41036     THTR220-01:Acting II: Scene Study   MWF02:15 pm-03:20 pm in LM 148
41037     THTR230-01:Composition I   TR12:45 pm-02:30 pm in KO DSTU
41038     THTR272-01:Lab in Theater Practice   TBA in TBA TBA
41039     THTR301-01:Classical Dramatic Literature (Core C1)   MWF03:30 pm-04:35 pm in LM 344
41042     THTR344-01:Playwriting   R04:55 pm-06:35 pm in ED 102
41043     THTR349-01:Cabaret Production   F11:45 am-01:45 pm in LM 148
41045     THTR372-01:Workshop: Play Production   MTWRU06:40 pm-10:30 pm in LM 148
41044     THTR390-01:Sp Topics: Auditioning   W04:55 pm-06:35 pm in LM 148