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Gabriela Rivera

Gabriela Rivera

University of California, San Diego, Political Science and International Relations

“Prior to starting the Master of Public Affairs program I was a community organizer. I focused on several aspects of civic engagement including: political campaigns, family reunification around issues of deportation within immigrant families, and access to opportunities in higher education for under represented/non traditional student populations. Gaining this type of experience has motivated me to pursue a Master's degree in Public Affairs because I eventually want to create a non-profit organization that helps disadvantaged communities access higher education. I want to ensure equality and justice for those members of society who may be ignored due to their financial and/or legal status, or English competency.

One important aspect about the MoPA program is the internship that is required during the last year. Being able to engage in this valuable internship experience, within San Francisco’s diverse ethnic and cultural landscape, will compliment my current skills, expand my experience, and enhance my understanding of inter-cultural community engagement.

I enjoy being in the small classroom environment because it allows for me to get to know my professors and my peers. I don’t feel like I am number in a large classroom. Additionally, all of my professors come from different backgrounds and actively engage us in the material.”
Katie Scally

Katie Scally

University of Portland, Political Science and Communication Studies

“After interning at all three levels of California government, including Senator Feinstein's office in Washington, D.C., I found a passion for local government, politics and public policy. I joined the MoPA Program to learn as much as I could, gain experience in the field, and work with people from I could learn new and different ideas, perspectives, and areas in public affairs. I specifically chose this program because it combines public policy, governmental affairs, law, politics, and campaigns all into one single program. I wanted to attend USF for the university's commitment to the common good, democracy, and social justice. An added benefit is working with, and learning from, fellow classmates who are passionate about the same issues that I am."
Alexander Archer

Alexander Archer

University of San Francisco, Politics with Criminal Justice Minor

“My past experience included various internships at local government and nonprofits. These experiences and training spurred me to acquire additional skills and knowledge to make me an authentic and professional leader in whatever community I end up working. The interdisciplinary form of politics that the MoPA program provides made it an easy choice. I chose the Public Affairs Program because it strives itself on creating ethical public officials. I felt that the mission of the McCarthy Center along with the supportive staff and faculty would help. My favorite experience in the MoPA Program has been the faculty. They all have unique stories – and with small class sizes we really have the opportunity to discuss and deeply explore subject matter."
Mike Calevski

Mike Calevski

Kent State University, Political Science

“As a Political Science major in undergrad and after 6 years of working in the public sector, I decided to continue my education to strengthen my background as well as develop skills in additional areas. I chose the Master of Public Affairs because of the wide range of classes offered, with the skill sets and knowledge that they involve. I’ve benefitted from the small class sizes – and the rich background and expertise of the professors.”


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