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JD/Master of Public Affairs Dual Degree

The Master of Public Affairs (MoPA), in partnership with the USF School of Law, offers the JD/Master of Public Affairs Dual Degree Program. The Dual Degree Program provides students the opportunity to combine legal studies with the knowledge and skills needed for professional leadership roles in the political field - including career paths in campaign strategy and management, governmental relations, lobbying and advocacy, public policy making, community organizing, strategic communications and political journalism.

The program is a four-year, full-time program where students earn both the MoPA and JD degrees with a time and cost saving of one year compared to completing each degree separately. Twelve of the 36 units required for the MoPA component of the Dual Degree Program are accepted as crossover courses from an approved list of elective law courses.

How to Apply

Applicants apply separately to – and receive admission consideration separately by – the Master of Public Affairs and the JD programs. Students earn each degree after successful completion of all requirements for each degree. Students can enroll in the Dual Degree Program during their first year of graduate studies, or can matriculate into the Dual Degree Program after completion of one year either in the JD or Public Affairs programs. Click here to apply to the Master of Public Affairs.

Students who begin in the MoPA Program and wish to apply to the Dual Degree Program, complete their first year exclusively in the MoPA Program with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students apply to the JD Program before or during their first year in the MoPA Program. The LSAT is required as part of application to the JD Program. Click here to apply to the JD Program.

Program of Study – Overview

The following Program of Study is the pathway for joint degree students who begin in the MoPA Program and continue in the JD Program.

Master of Public Affairs Component – 36 units
  • Public Affairs required courses – 12 units
  • Public Affairs elective courses – 12 units
  • Law School elective courses – 12 units (also applied towards JD component)
JD Component – 84 units
  • Law School required courses – 42 units
  • Law School elective courses – 42 units

Program of Study – MoPA Component

Public Affairs – Required Courses (12 units) Units
Proseminar in Applied American Politics 3
Public Affairs and Applied Democratic Theory 3
MoPA Internship (can also be satisfied by upper-level Legal and Research Writing) 3
MoPA Capstone Project (can also be satisfied by Legal Externship in Public Agency or Organization) 3
Public Affairs – Elective Courses – Select 4 courses (12 units) Units
Writing for Public Affairs Professionals 3
Quantitative Methods in Public Affairs 3
Campaign Organization and Management 3
Non-Profits and Public Policy 3
Race, Organizing and Public Advocacy 3
Strategic Communications 3
The Politics of Public Policy 3
Public Opinion and Political Behavior 3
Applied Political Psychology 3
Urban Politics: San Francisco 3
Lobbying and Governmental Relations 3
Grassroots Advocacy and Mobilization 3
Issue Advocacy 3
Campaign Theory and Practice 3
Law School – Elective Courses – Select four or more courses to satisfy the MoPA component (12 units total) Units
Administrative Law 3
Advanced Constitutional Law 3
Alternative Dispute Resolution 3
Constitutional Law 3
Contemporary Issues of Race and Law 3
Cyberlaw 3
Death Penalty Law 3
Election Law 3
Employment Discrimination Law 3
Energy Law 3
Environmental Law 3
Family Law 3
Federal Courts 3
Gender and the Law 3
Health Law 3
Immigration Law 3
Information Privacy Law 3
International Environmental Law 3
International Human Rights 3
International Trade, the WTO, and the Environment 3
Jurisprudence 3
Labor Law 3
Land Use Law 3
Law of Mass Communication and the Press 3
Legal Issues and Terrorism, Post 9/11 3
Legislation 2
Local Government Law 2
Natural Resources Law 2
Non-Profit Organizations 3
Poverty Law 2
Public Land and Natural Resource Law 3
Sexuality Law 3
State and Local Taxation 2
Topics in Contemporary Family Law 3
Water and Natural Resources Law 3
Water Resources Law 3

Program of Study – JD Component

For information on the JD component of the Dual Degree Program please click here.

Please click here for the pathway for students who wish to start in the JD Program and then complete the MoPA degree.


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